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Todai Coupons

Todai Printable Coupons

Todai Company History

Todai restaurants are known for their amazing seafood buffets around California and internationally as well. Todai coupons can be found in local coupon books and online, making it even more affordable to taste sushi, hot Asian entrees, salads and even dessert in an all-you-can eat format. Todai first...

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Saltgrass Steakhouse Coupons

Saltgrass Steakhouse Coupons

About the Saltgrass Steakhouse

There is perhaps nothing more synonymous with the Texas lifestyle than that of the state's famous longhorns. Texas is known for being a state full of rodeos, cattle ranchers and -- perhaps not coincidentally -- great steaks. With great steaks come great steakhouses, and Saltgrass Steak...

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Pappadeaux Coupons

Save Money at pappadeaux's

About Pappadeaux Seafood

Pappadeaux is a seafood restaurant that is owned by Pappas Restaurants, which is a privately held restaurant group located out of Houston, TX. The company was founded in 1976 by two brothers, Pete and Jim Pappas. The two brothers have opened a variety of different...

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Stoney River Steakhouse Coupons

Stoney River Steakhouse Coupon Codes

Stoney River History

Stoney River Steakhouse has a contemporary-styled, lodge environment. Complete with a crackling fireplace, the familiar comfort is evident upon arrival. Founded in 2000, there are several of these restaurants located in the United States. Stoney River is an upscale steakhouse that appeals to both casual and fine...

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Dickeys BBQ Coupons

Coupons for Dickey's BBQ

History of Dickey's BBQ

There's one thing that unites all of America's southern states, regardless of their other differences or disagreements, and that is barbecue. Every state has its own method of creating the best pulled pork or pit barbecue products in the country. Whether it's a special sauce, a...

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Sonny’s BBQ Coupon

Sonny Bbq

Founder Floyd Tillman, better known as “Sonny”, established Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q in Gainesville, Florida back in 1968. Since then, this famous restaurant has branched out to 9 southern states and has over 125 diverse locations. When you stop-in, you'll partake in a southern-style meal like never before. In...

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Peter Piper Pizza Coupons

Coupons for Peter Piper Pizza

Company History

Peter Piper Pizza has been a hit with visitors every since Tony Cavolo opened the first restaurant in 1973. The flagship restaurant in Glendale (which is still open today) began as a 4,000 square foot discount pizza joint. The main goal was to sell great-tasting pizza at a...

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Smokey Bones Coupons

The History of Smokey Bones

Beginning in 1999, Smokey Bones coupons for discounts on meals, free appetizers or kids meals began showing up in the Orlando area newspapers and advertising mailers. Advertising succulent fall-off-the-bone ribs, slow cooked brisket and skillet cornbread appetizers, the new Darden Restaurants brand was off to a...

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Texas Roadhouse Coupons

History of Texas Roadhouse

With a plan to offer great steaks, mouth-watering ribs, and a family-friendly atmosphere, Texas Roadhouse was founded to be a major player in the competitive steakhouse restaurant niche. They offer a commitment to quality that shows in the wide variety of menu items available. All their items...

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P F Changs Coupons

History of PF Changs

P. F. Chang's China Bistro had it's beginning in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded by Paul Fleming in 1993. They serve a fusion of Chinese and American cuisine with their original menu created by Chef Philip Chiang, the restaurant's namesake. This company touts its fresh, high quality ingredients and willingly...

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Red Lobster Coupons

History of Red Lobster

Usually, it takes only the merest mention of the Red Lobster to create an image in most people’s minds of succulent, mouth-watering seafood. This reaction is no surprise, because that is exactly what is always on the menu if you visit a Red Lobster Restaurant, succulent, mouth-watering...

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Joe’s Crab Shack Coupons

The History of Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe’s Crab Shack began in Houston, Texas in 1991, after two friends enjoyed a summer touring the Gulf coast. During their travels, they visited numerous crab shacks, satiating their hunger but developing a desire for their own crab house. The three-restaurant chain remained Houston-based until...

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Olive Garden Coupons

Olive Garden Background Information

The Olive Garden is an Orlando-based American restaurant chain that specializes in Italian cuisine. With over 700 locations, the Olive Garden is considered by many to be the leading popular Italian-American restaurant chain. According to the company’s website, its restaurants are dedicated to providing visitors with “Hospitaliano!”...

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Famous Dave’s BBQ Coupons

History of Dave's BBQ

Ask Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave's, what his mission is and the answer would likely be “Be famous.“ Famous for smoke, meat and sauce. The man lives for barbecue. His passion for ribs began with his first taste of a spare rib his dad brought home...

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Baja Fresh Coupons

History of Baja Fresh

The first Baja Fresh Mexican Grill restaurant was opened in 1990 in Newbury Park, California. There are now 300 restaurants in 28 states and Washington D.C. The company opened its first international restaurant in Dubai in 2010. Baja Fresh is currently seeking people to purchase franchises in...

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Panera Bread Coupons

Panera Bread Information

The beginnings of Panera Bread® were started in 1981, when Louis Kane and Ron Shaich established Au Bon Pain Co., Inc. The company was successful in the east coast and internationally, and it soon became the leading bakery-café corporation. In 1993, after making a name for itself, Au Bon...

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O’Charley’s Coupons

O'Charley's Background Information

You are in luck if you like O'Charley's because all you have to do to get great bargains and special deals on their wonderful meals is to go to the O'Charley's website and join the E-Club. You will be eligible for a special coupon just for signing up,...

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Elephant Bar Coupons

History of the Elephant Bar

The Elephant Bar is known as much for its distinctive décor as it is for its fabulous food. Leopard spots and zebra stripes abound as do giant models of giraffes and, of course, elephants. Diners may feel as though they are eating out on a safari...

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Daphne’s Greek Cafe Coupons

About Daphne's Greek Cafe

Though Daphne's Greek Cafe is not a large restaurant chain, it has become a staple of the Southwest. Founded originally in 1991, this San Diego based chain has seen its fair share of expansion over the years. It started out as something of a small venture, but...

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Wingstop Coupons

Wingstops History

Wingstop is a chain of restaurant properties that are recognized for having a pre-jet aviation décor. This nostalgic environment coincides with its emphasis on another kind of wing – chicken wings. Since its inception in 1994, Wingstop has grown to over 600 locations and continues to be based in...

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Cheddar’s Coupons

Cheddar's Casual Cafe History

Cheddar’s Casual Café is a restaurant chain based in the state of Texas. It began in 1979 near the Six Fags amusement park, giving it a lot of exposure and business. The chain was founded by Aubrey Good and Douglas Rogers and continues as a privately held...

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Qdoba Coupons

History of Qdoba

In 1995, Colorado native Anthony Miller, along with his partner Robert Hauser opened the first Qdoba Mexican Grill Restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Miller wanted to import the San Francisco mission styled burrito into the Colorado area. This idea proved to be a success with the first year revenue...

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Old Country Buffet Coupons

Old Country Buffet History

With a staff of only 29 employees, Old Country Buffet opened its very first restaurant in March of 1984 in a small mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Old Country Buffet was founded by Roe Hatlen in 1983, and from that first restaurant in 1984, it quickly became an...

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Maggiano’s Little Italy Coupons

About Maggianos

Maggiano’s Little Italy is a sit down casual Italian style restaurant which was first introduced in 1991. There are over 40 Maggiano’s locations located across 21 different states, Canada, Mexico, and Northern Ireland. The restaurant is owned by Brinker International who owns nearly 2,000 restaurants located across...

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Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Coupons

Information on Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation restaurants are an amazing, healthy choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sweet Tomatoes, based out of San Diego, California, has 112 locations in 15 states, all across the West Coast, through some center states, and throughout most of the South, including...

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Longhorn Steakhouse Coupons

History of Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse takes a theme from Texas and America’s legendary west to make a great dining environment. Longhorn restaurants are fitted with a nostalgic décor that includes photos, relics, paintings and other artwork that coincide with the old-time great tasting food served there. The Longhorn brand began in...

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T.G.I. Fridays Coupons

About T.G.I. Fridays

New York City is known for many different things; it holds some of the tallest skyscrapers, it holds a large variety of different cuisines and it is also home to the very first T.G.I. Friday’s ever. Founded in 1965, the first T.G.I. Friday’s opened on the corner of...

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Buca di Beppo Coupons

History of Buca Di Beppo

The first Buca di Beppo restaurant was opened in 1993 in Minneapolis. There were 20 Buca di Beppo restaurants in the United States by 1998. Today there are Buca di Beppo restaurants in 23 states and Washington D.C. Buca di Beppo is known for serving Italian food...

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Sizzler Coupons

About the Sizzler

Sizzler restaurants feature steaks, seafood and salads that are served in a family-style environment. Most of the firm's 270 US locations are located across the Western United States. These locations are popular with families and couples who enjoy a fine steak dinner at a reasonable price. As a...

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Ryan’s Coupons

Ryans Fire Mountain

History of Ryans Fire Mountain

Ryan’s has been serving up great tasting and very popular buffets since its founding in 1977. Over and over again, Ryan’s has earned its reputation as being the superior family steakhouse as well. Ryan’s main offices are located in Greer, South Carolina. For a very long...

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Long John Silvers Coupons

Long John Silver

A Brief Guide About Long John Silvers Products and Coupons

Long John Silvers restaurants are famous for providing yummy seafood meals in a cozy environment. As a result, this fast food chain has become one of the leaders in its industry with over 1,200 locations around the world. Here is a brief...

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Melting Pot Coupons

Melting Pot

History of the Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is a chain of fondue restaurants all throughout the US. Including more than 140 locations in 37 states and Washington DC, the restaurants are each individually franchised. The original restaurant opened in Florida in 1975; the first Canadian franchise is set to open...

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Hometown Buffet Coupons

Hometown Buffet

Hometown Buffet Background Info

For those that love traditional country meals, Hometown Buffet provides an authentic feast at a reasonable price. However, savvy consumers look for bargains during tough economic times. Hometown Buffet coupons allow potential customers to enjoy a delicious feast at a lower price. For...

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McAlister’s Deli Coupons

McAlisters Deli

McAlisters Deli History

Few places are as good at providing quality, unique food as McAlister's Deli. When this restaurant first opened in 1989 in Oxford, Mississippi, it was designed to fill what the original founders noticed as a huge void in the food service industry. There were lots of places to...

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Lone Star Steakhouse Coupons

Lone Star

About the Lone Star Steakhouse

The Lone Star Steakhouse has a Texas-styled theme, but you won't ever find one of their locations in the state of Texas. Though it might be named after the Lone Star State, the restaurant chain itself was founded in Winston Salem, North Carolina, way back in...

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Marie Callender’s Coupons

Marie Callender

Marie Callender Background Information

The Marie Callender’s restaurant chain is named after Marie Callender. She started a pie business in the 1940’s in Orange County, California and delivered pies to local restaurants. By 1948 she had turned her home bakery business into a business with a wholesale bakery. Marie Callender’s son...

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Uno Chicago Grill Coupons

Uno logo

History of Uno's Chicago Grill

In 1943, an ambitious former University of Texas football star, Ike Sewell along with his friend Rick Ricardo, opened the first Uno’s Restaurant in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois on the corner of Ohio Street and Wabash Avenue. The restaurant at this time was...

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Fuddruckers Coupons

Fuddruckers Logo

History of Fuddruckers

Fuddruckers is a casual dining restaurant chain in the United States and in a number of other countries around the world. These restaurants usually have a rock ‘n roll type of décor and feature varieties of gourmet hamburgers. Fuddruckers has its beginnings in San Antonio, Texas, when a man...

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Captain D’s Coupons


Captain D's History

Captain D's is a seafood restaurant that sells seafood and traditional combos like fish and chips in a fast food format. Captain D’s started as Mr. D’s in 1969 when it was founded by Tennessean Ray Danner. Captain D’s has grown to operate over six hundred stores in...

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Ruth’s Chris Coupons


About Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Ruth's Chris is one of the steakhouse chains in the United States that has something a little bit better to offer. While many steakhouses serve bottom of the barrel meat and provide the bare bones approach, Ruth's Chris seeks to do much more than that. It is...

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Claim Jumper Restaurant Coupons


History of Claim Jumper

The first Claim Jumper Restaurant was opened by Craig Nickoloff on September 27, 1977 in Los Alamitos, California. Today there are 46 Claim Jumper Restaurants in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. Items on the Claim Jumper menu include appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, seafood,...

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Denny’s Coupons


Denny's History

Have you ever heard of Danny's Donuts? Well, that was the original name of Denny's Restaurant when it first opened its doors in Lakewood, California in the year 1954. Harold Butler was the creator of Denny's Restaurants, and over the next twelve years he expanded his "Danny's Donuts" chain...

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On The Border Coupons


Background Information about On The Border

Though it has not always been this way, popular TexMex restaurant On the Border is now owned as a part of Brinker International. The restaurant holdings company is a popular one to be sure, as it also owns Chili's, Macaroni Grill, and Maggiano's Little Italy....

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Famous Dave’s BBQ Coupons


What is Famous Daves BBQ?

Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que ® has made tasty Southern style barbeque items for almost 20 years. Patrons flock to Famous Dave’s to sample award-winning ribs, sides and desserts in a friendly, cozy atmosphere. As a result, Famous Dave’s has become one of the most popular...

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Chipotle Coupons


About the Chipotle Restaurants

Chipotle restaurants, known for their gourmet burritos, tacos and barbacoa, stem from a restaurant opened in 1993 near the University of Denver. Chipotle was initially intended to be a business venture for producing fresh, delicious Mexican-American cuisine in a manner that would capitalize on the campus population....

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Old Spaghetti Factory Coupons


History of the Old Spaghetti Factory

The first Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant opened on January 10, 1969 in Portland, Oregon. Two more restaurants were opened in 1970. Today the chain has restaurants in 14 states, Canada and Japan. Menu Options The Old Spaghetti Factory specializes in pasta dishes. Dinner entrees come with a...

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Bob Evans Coupons


Bob Evans Restaurant

Bob Evans is one of the most popular family restaurants in America, offering a wide selection of food prepared with quality ingredients at affordable prices. The history and tradition of Bob Evans and its mission to consistently provide excellent quality has created a large and loyal fan base....

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Romano’s Macaroni Grill Coupons


Romano Macaroni Grill

The Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurant chain was started by Philip J. Romano. The first Macaroni Grill opened in Dallas, Texas on April 19, 1988. The Chili’s restaurant chain purchased the Macaroni Grill concept in 1989. In 1991 Chili’s changed its corporate name to Brinker International, Inc. Golden Gate...

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Outback Steakhouse Coupons


What is the Outback Steakhouse?

Outback Steakhouse is an American casual steakhouse chain which is based out of Tampa, Florida. The chain has over 900 restaurants which are located throughout North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. The chain is a wholly owned subsidiary of the OSI Restaurant...

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Printable Cracker Barrel Discount Coupons


The Cracker Barrel Company

The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a chain of “Old Country Stores” that combine a restaurant with a retail store. The company was founded in Lebanon, Tennessee in 1969 and has over five hundred full service locations in forty-one states across the United States. In 2009,...

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Golden Corral Coupons


About the Golden Corral

Golden Corral is a restaurant that is near and dear to the hearts of many, because Golden Corral is a place for family, celebration and good times. The atmosphere of Golden Corral is friendly, cheerful and always teaming with many savory aromas that will undoubtedly make your...

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Ruby Tuesday Coupons


Ruby Tuesdays Information

Ruby Tuesday's is a large restaurant chain located throughout the United States. They pride themselves on fresh, quality food served by a happy, attentive staff. Most Ruby Tuesday restaurants have a fresh salad and soup bar. They serve a large variety of American-style food such as steaks, seafood...

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Chilis Coupons


Chili's Grill and Bar

Chili’s Grill and Bar Restaurant was founded by a man named Larry Lavine, and is now owned and operated by Brinker International, a consortium that owns other restaurant properties such as Romano’s macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and On the Border Grill & Cantina. Chili’s Grill and Bar...

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Carrabba’s Italian Grill Coupons


Carrabbas Italian Grill History

Carrabba's Italian Grill has long been a place where the tradition is all about great food. Some things have changed over time with this restaurant, but the quality of food has remained pretty much the same over time. It was originally a small, family run venture, but...

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Las Vegas Buffet Coupons

Las Vegas Buffet

Las Vegas Buffet Information

Out in Las Vegas, there is a lot more to do than just sit at the poker table or throw the dice at the craps pit. Those who have been out there know that the Las Vegas Buffet has long been a staple of the city. There...

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Buffalo Wild Wings Coupons


Buffalo Wild Wings History

Founded in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo Wild Wings has turned into one of the most popular casual dining restaurants in the United States today. Though it came from somewhat modest beginnings, these days individuals can enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings coupons at 601 total locations throughout the...

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Moe’s Southwest Grill


About Moe's Southwest Grill

Moe's Southwest Grill is a relatively new creation, but it has taken hold in many areas of the country. Founded in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, Moe's has grown to take in more than $300,000,000 per year and it has become one of the most popular fast food...

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Chuck E. Cheese Coupons


Chucky Cheese Information

Chuck E. Cheese's began as Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre in San Jose, California in 1977. Chuck E. Cheese's was the first restaurant to bring food, animated entertainment and a gaming archade together in one place. The Chuck E. Cheese we know today is one of the...

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Dave And Busters Coupons


Dave and Buster's History

Dave & Buster’s began as two separate businesses in late 70’s. As the modern name suggests, the businesses were operated by a guy named Buster and a guy named Dave. Buster owned a restaurant. Dave owned something called “Slick Willy’s World of Entertainment,” where kids and adults...

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Benihana Coupons


Benihana - Coupons for 'The Red Flower'

Founded in 1964 on West 56th Street in New York City by wrestler Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki, Benihana of Tokyo is now an international restaurant chain famous for its teppan-yaki, or "hibachi-style" food prepared right in front of customers. Mr. Aoki stressed the importance of...

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Bonefish Grill


About the Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill is a restaurant that emphasizes seafood on its menu. Bonefish Grill is a national chain that originated in Florida in 2000. Twenty nine states now are home to the more than one hundred Bonefish Grill locations. With founders Tim Curci and Christ Parker at the...

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Cracker Barrel Coupons

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel Coupons, Gift Cards, and Discounts!

Cracker Barrel was founded and created by a Shell Oil "jobber" named Dan Evins in the late 1960's. Dan was a travelling salesman, and as he would travel from town to town, he would think up of different ways to sell gasoline to people...

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Black Angus Coupons


A Guide About Black Angus Steakhouses and Black Angus Coupons

Introduction: Black Angus steakhouses are a western United States icon. They combine an intimate dining setting with great steaks and seafood to create a memorable dining experience. Black Angus also promotes its restaurants by providing coupons and Internet incentives to its customer...

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Applebees Coupons


Devour Delicious Discounted Food with Applebee's Coupons!

Applebee's is an International Restaurant Franchise which started its humble beginnings in Decatur, Georgia back in 1980. Today, there are over 2000 Applebee's in over 15 different countries. The original name for Applebee's was "TJ Applebee's Edibles and Elixirs." Today we all know it...

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Logan’s Roadhouse Coupons


Logan's Roadhouse Information

If you are looking for unique, casual, modernized roadhouse with delicious foods, then Logan's Roadhouse is right up your alley. Logan's Roadhouse provides casual family dining at an affordable price. They are known for their savory steaks and made-from-scratch yeast rolls. Even more so, they are known for...

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Cheesecake Factory Coupons


About the Cheescake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory has been in business for over 30 years and has enjoyed much success. Opening in 1978, The Cheesecake Factory has its meager beginnings in Beverly Hills, California. Now, with almost 150 restaurants, the Cheesecake Factory has become the favorite restaurant of many. The Cheesecake Factory...

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