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Welcome to our humble website highlighting top deals and coupons from many well known stores and brands.

My name is Tracy and I’m a veteran coupon clipper. I started this website to share deals and coupon offers that I come across. Spending only a few hours per week, I end up saving over $100. Since money saved is money earned, I consider coupon clipping my best paying job. These days, it’s my only job, aside from caring for two children…ages 2 and 4. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please drop me a line if you have coupon tips to share.

This site was put together to help consumers find deals and discounts on popular brands. The popularity of coupons has increased as the global recession has sunk in. Further, many consumers are noticing stealth inflation when they shop: some products are the same price, just a smaller size and/or with lower quality ingredients.

If you come across a coupon you would like to share you can do so on any page of our website. Have any other feedback? Get in touch via e-mail at hungry@foodcoupons.net

Thanks for checking out our website. Have questions or comments?

Please feel free to contact me at hungry@foodcoupons.net 🙂

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