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Old Country Buffet History

With a staff of only 29 employees, Old Country Buffet opened its very first restaurant in March of 1984 in a small mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Old Country Buffet was founded by Roe Hatlen in 1983, and from that first restaurant in 1984, it quickly became an overnight success. The first menu included items such as fried chicken, hamburgers, and baked fish. Each meal also included salad and dessert. Also featured were pasta dishes and other things that could be prepared quickly and fresh in small amounts throughout the day by regular cooks, rather than by highly trained and high salaried chefs.

One of the benefits that Roe Hatlen believed a lot of the public would like was that they could enjoy a good meal without having to pay gratuities. And because the style of the buffet was self serve, a lot of money would be saved by not hiring a waitstaff. However, gratuities are appreciated, of course.

By October of 1985, nine Old Country Buffet restaurants were opened in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, with sales over $59 million. By 1987 Old Country Buffet had four restaurants in Illinois, seven in Wisconsin, eleven in Minnesota and a few others in the states of Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

By 1990, the number of Old Country Buffet restaurants was up to 70, and by 1996 that number was up to over 250 restaurants nationwide.

If you have a computer and an email address you can sign up with Old Country Buffet’s “e-Club.” Once you sign up, they will send you an Old Country Buffet coupon for a “buy one get one free” buffet meal. In this club they will also send you Old Country Buffet coupons on your birthday.

You can also purchase Old Country Buffet gift cards for friends or family. These gift cards can be used at any Old Country Buffet®, Ryans®, HomeTown Buffet®, Fire Mountain® Grill, or Country Buffet® located throughout the U.S.A. These gift cards are perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • A special “thank-you” gift
  • Employee-incentive programs
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Graduations
  • Other holidays

You can buy gift cards online in $20, $30, or $50 amounts, or at any of our restaurants in $5 increments from $10 – $100 per card.

Promotional Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Deals for Old Country Buffet

Old Country Buffet also has discount coupons and deals for Seniors. All guests over 60 are qualified to join the Senior Club. Purchase a Senior Club Card for just $1 and you’ll receive valuable discounts or complementary extras with most meals*. Senior Club Cards are valid for one entire year. Ask for details on your next visit!

*This offer is good only at participating restaurants. Senior savings so not apply to breakfast, Soup’n Salad Unlimited®, or other incentive pricing including “New Low Price” and other promotions. Please contact your local restaurant before purchase for details.

A very popular place to find Old Country Buffet Coupons is on Ebay. I just did a search there and found a very good deal that I am about to place a bid on. These Old Country Buffet Coupons are for children, specifically it says, “THESE ARE 20 KIDS FREE MEAL PASSES TO OLD COUNTRY BUFFET, COUNTRY BUFFET AND HOMETOWN BUFFET. NO EXP DATE.” Not bad, I hope I win, cause I have 7 children and this will save me a lot of money the next time we go! Though I did send him this question a minute ago: “What is the age limit on those coupons? What age does it say you stop being a kid, and no longer can qualify as “kid” status?”

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