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About Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Ruth’s Chris is one of the steakhouse chains in the United States that has something a little bit better to offer. While many steakhouses serve bottom of the barrel meat and provide the bare bones approach, Ruth’s Chris seeks to do much more than that. It is an upscale steakhouse chain, and the prices reflect this to an extent. Though it has recently jumped up in popularity in a big way, Ruth’s Chris has actually been around for many years before now. It was founded in 1965 in New Orleans by a woman named Ruth Fertel. She was a single mother of two, and never envisioned how much her restaurant would take hold and expand over the years.

Ruth’s Chris pulled in over $400,000,000 last year and there are currently 120 locations all around the country. They are all in urban areas, with a large focus still being in the Southeast. The name Ruth’s Chris is an interesting one and it comes from the fact that Fertel purchased an already existing steakhouse that was known as the Chris Steakhouse. She agreed to keep the name when she made the purchase, but added her own particular flavor to it after a short while.

Famous Menu Items

Those individuals who use Ruth’s Chris coupons can tell you that the thing the restaurant is most known for is its selection of fine steaks. These are not the grizzly, tough steaks that you might find at other restaurants. They are premium, choice cuts of meat that have been aged appropriately. Many people get the filet mignon at Ruth’s Chris, and it is commonly regarded as one of the best steaks around. Additionally, those individuals with Ruth’s Chris coupons get to take advantage of another staple of the chain. They serve their steaks on plates that are incredibly hot, as this does nothing but enhance the overall experience for diners. The meat is said to melt in your mouth and it is truly a dining experience that most people will never forget.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for Ruth’s Chris

In talking about some of the most popular locations for the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, New Orleans is still a place worth mentioning. With all of the difficulties that went on with Hurricane Katrina, the restaurant was forced to close in New Orleans for a short while and they actually moved their corporate headquarters to Florida. It was not long until people were able to use Ruth’s Chris coupons in the city again, though, as they re-opened in 2008 in the Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in central New Orleans. There, it is one of the top restaurants and this remains one of the most popular Ruth’s Chris locations in the nation. Some new locations have popped up, as well, with one in Myrtle Beach being a solid choice for travelers in South Carolina.

Online and Offline Options

People who are looking for Ruth’s Chris coupons to cut into the cost of dining at such a fine restaurant should know that they have somewhat limited options. Still, Ruth’s Chris coupons are available through the official website of the company every now and then. The unique thing about this company’s offer is that they require individuals to sign up and register an account online. Then, when they have some sort of printable coupon offer, they will send it to customers through email. This helps to keep some of the offer codes out of the public arena. Some of the most popular Ruth’s Chris coupons are those that allow people to get a three-course meal for a reasonable price. Additionally, Ruth’s Chris coupons can be had offline every so often, and they will appear in upscale magazines like Southern Living on occasion.

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