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Victoria’s Secret Coupons

History of Victoria's Secret

Founded in the late 1970s out of San Francisco California, Victoria’s Secret is currently the largest specialty lingerie retailer in America. Victoria’s Secret was designed to give a shopping experience the exact opposite of department stores- dim lights, elegant design features, and lingerie carefully displayed in sets...

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TJ Maxx Coupons

T.J. Maxx Company History

TJX Companies owns and operates the discount department store T.J. Maxx. With over 800 stores throughout the nation, designer fashions are made affordable with their discount prices. Most products in the store are anywhere from 20-60% off the typical retail price of the item. The TJX Companies...

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Coach Coupons

The History of Coach

Coach had its start as a family business in Manhattan in 1941. Handcrafted leather goods were created with skills passed down from generation to generation. Coach craftsmanship soon gained a reputation for quality among discriminating consumers. Coach seeks to offer unique value through impeccable customer service, a...

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Dress Barn Coupons

History of Dress Barn

Dress Barn has its founding roots in Stamford, Connecticut. Founded by Rosyln Jaffe, Dress Barn started serving the public in 1962. The store offered fashionable women’s clothing. The store’s designer styles were a hit with customers, and the demand prompted the opening of the second store only...

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Charlotte Russe coupons

Charlotte Russe History

Charlotte Russe was founded with just one clothing store in Carlsbad, California, by Daniel Lawrence in 1975. The store was named after the famous French desert made from ladyfinger cakes and cream. In 1996, Charlotte Russe was bought by an investment company named Sanders, Karp and Megrue, and...

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Hollister Coupons

Information on Hollister

Hollister is a clothes merchant that is located throughout the Pacific Coast, specializing in Californian style apparel and accessories. Hollister was established in 1922 and offers several California styles such as new styles, current styles, and vintage wear. Often having a clearance sale and offering great deals for...

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North Face Coupons

North Face History

There is no question at all The North Face has become a leader in the outdoor clothing industry. The company has been around in principle since way back in 1968, but things have changed a great deal since that time. Over the last two decades, the products have...

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Oprah Payless Coupons

History of Payless

Payless Shoes, Inc. is the largest footwear retailer in the United States and operates about 4,700 stores in all fifty states as well as Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Ecuador, Guam, Japan, Puerto Rico, Saipan and the United States Virgin Islands. Its goal is to become the most...

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Foot Locker Coupons

History of Foot Locker

Foot Locker is a store that specializes in retail sports shoes and apparel. The company is what ensued in the aftermath of the Woolworth business. Foot Locker operates two other stores: Kids Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker. Other stores run by Foot Locker include Footaction USA,...

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J. Crew Coupons

History of J. Crew

These days, there are many different ways to shop at the popular men's store, J. Crew. That has not always been the case, though. You can use J. Crew coupons at their stores around the country now, but the company was founded in a somewhat more modest...

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Forever 21 Coupons

About Forever 21

Forever 21 is an American fashion apparel store catering to young women, but has become renowned for its affordable clothing and chic style. Don-Won Chang and his wife Jin Sook began the store in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. Originally, the store was created in order to market...

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Dillards Coupons

Dillards History

Dillard’s Department Stores offer name-brand, good-value merchandise in attractive displays. Dillard’s sells a variety of good quality merchandise including men's and women's clothing, children's clothing and accessories, furniture, cosmetics, kitchen accessories, tableware and small appliances. Stores feature national brands, but also provide Dillard’s exclusive brands. Dillard’s, Inc. was founded by...

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Gap Coupons

What is the Gap?

Gap is a clothing company founded in 1969, with the goal of providing pants. At the time, there was only one clothing store, but certain sizes were unavailable. The owners, Doris and Don Fisher, decided to open their own store that would provide virtually and size and...

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Claires Coupons

Claires History

Claire’s Stores Incorporated is the largest retailer chain in the world, specializing in fashion accessories and jewelry for teens and women in the age range of thirteen to forty years old. A fixture in most mall settings, the Claire’s Stores of today first originated over 35 years ago as...

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Stein Mart Coupons

History of Stein Mart

Stein Mart, Inc. was founded by the current chairman's grandfather just after the turn of the last century. Stein Mart is a blend of department store and discount retailer. Stores carry mid-range and better brand-name apparel for men and women, accessories, shoes, gifts, linens, home decor and...

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Payless Shoe Coupons

History of Payless Shoe

Payless ShoeSource is the biggest footwear retail store in America. This corporation owns and runs approximately 4,700 shoe centers in every state of America, in addition to Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Central America, Japan, Saipan, Puerto Rico, Canada, the Caribbean islands and Ecuador. Payless ShoeSource is...

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Kohls Coupons


Kohl's Department Store

As of 2008, Kohl's Department Store is the 24th largest retailer in the United States. What started out in 1962 as a small department store in Wisconsin, has since developed into over one thousand stores in forty-nine of the fifty states. When Max Kohl took his experience with grocery...

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Men’s Wearhouse Coupons

Mens Warehouse

The Men's Wearhouse: A History Of Success

The Men’s Wearhouse is a company that has been serving the public with its quality products for decades. It started in 1971 when George Zimmer went to work with his father in Hong Kong at a coat manufacturing business. George then opened his own...

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JC Penney Coupons

JC Penny

J.C. Penny History

J. C. Penney’s is often viewed as the standard for retail merchandise stores in the United States. James Cash Penney opened his first store in 1902 under the name Golden Rule, reflecting the principle that guided his philosophy in business and customer service throughout his life. James Penney, born...

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Ross Coupons


About Ross

Ross is a discount department store that is the third largest in the United States behind Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Annual sales for Ross are currently over the $6 billion level over the chain of nearly 1,000 stores. Ross Stores cover more than half of the United States, seeming...

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JoAnn Coupons

Joann Fabrics

Jo-Ann Fabrics Background Information

In 1943, a group of friends got together and opened a store in Cleveland, Ohio that primarily sold cheese. Eventually, they decided to try selling fabric in their store instead of cheese, and called the store the Cleveland Fabric Shop. The company expanded in the 1960s and...

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Black Friday Coupons

Black Friday

Black Friday History

Over the course of time, people will hear a term over and over again to the point of familiarity. For some, the phrase makes them salivate at the thought and for others, strikes fear into their hearts. This phrase typically falls onto the same day each year –...

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Lane Bryant Coupons


Lane Bryant Information

Lane Bryant is a name that many women across America have come to know and trust. Lane Bryant is not just any name, though. It is the forefront of a massive corporation devoted to providing women of all sizes with fitting, comfortable and fashionable clothes all seasons of...

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Burlington Coat Factory Coupons


Burlington Coat Factory Information

Burlington Coat Factory is a department store chain specializing in quality merchandise at discount prices. It operates nearly 400 stores in 44 states. The company also offers online ordering of coats, maternity fashions, and children’s items on its website. Founded in 1924, the “Burlington Coat Factory...

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Fabric Softener And Dryer Sheets Coupons

Fabric Softener

Benefits of Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

Unless you like to wear stiff, uncomfortable clothing, you probably purchase fabric softener and/or dryer sheets fairly frequently. As is the case with everything these days, neither of these products are cheap, and you may find paying full price frustrating. But what if you...

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Coach Factory Store Coupons


About the Coach Factory Store

It's possible to get an even better deal on that fabulous bag, and the Coach Factory Store coupons can make all the difference in whether you can get that matching wallet or not. Most often located in outlet malls, the Coach Factory Store is known for...

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Bealls Coupons


About Bealls

Bealls has headquarters in Florida and Texas and the department store has over 600 locations all throughout the South Central states. The first Bealls department store in Texas was opened in 1923 and was started by two brothers as a family business.. In Florida, the first store was opened...

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Ann Taylor Coupons


About Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor comprises of an American group of specialty clothing retail chain stores for women and is headquartered in New York City. The stores provide classic styled pant suits, separates, dresses, shoes and add-ons. The brand name is commercialized under four partitions, Ann Taylor, LOFT, Ann Taylor Factory...

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Ulta Coupons


Background Information on Ulta

Ulta Beauty was founded in 1990 as a discount retailer of beauty products. Most of these products were sold through specific retailers at the time. Higher-end products were sold at department stores, mass-produced products were sold at drug stores and discount stores and salons carried professional products....

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Anthropologie Coupons


What is Anthropologie?

The experts Anthropologie know what women like and they offer top quality merchandise to dress you from head to toe in the hottest trends in feminine clothes, shoes and accessories. What's more, they can do the same for your house with their impressive selection of bedding, furniture, curtains...

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Joann Fabrics Coupons


About Joann Fabrics

Joann Fabrics is America's largest fabric retailer with 851 fabric stores in 48 states and almost 2 billion dollars in sales annually while comprising 6% of the 29 billion dollar fabric industry. Joann Fabrics was established in 1951 as Cleveland Fabric Shops, Inc. The store was originally started...

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Gymboree Coupons


Learn More About the Gymboree

The Gymboree Corporation is a specialty retailer of children's clothing and play programs. The company operates apparel stores under the names Gymboree, Gymboree Outlet, Crazy 8 and Janie and Jack, and offers children's play programs through Gymboree Play and Music locations. Gymboree Play and Music was founded...

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Marshalls Coupons


All About Marshalls

Marshalls is one of the leading off-price retail chains across the country, selling name brand clothing, housewares, furniture, kitchen and bath supplies, personal accessories, and much more at a discounted price. If you are looking for a way to get the most for your money, shopping at a...

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American Girl Coupons


American Girl History

American Girl. The mere name incites excitement in girls. This store celebrates girls, encouraging them to be all that they can be, and to "reach for your inner star". If you have a daughter, niece, or granddaughter, chances are she has heard of, been to, read about, and...

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Supercuts Coupons


A Brief Guide About Supercuts's Services and Coupons

Supercuts is a nationally known firm that offers hair care products, haircuts, perms and other hair care services. Patrons come to Supercuts to take advantage of decently priced haircuts and friendly service. These traits have made Supercuts one of the most popular salon...

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Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons


About Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is the number one household goods superstore in the US, with over 300 stores throughout North America. The stores stock various kinds of domestic merchandise like linens, bathroom items, kitchen implements, small appliances, cookware, and cutlery, among many others. The company primarily...

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Coldwater Creek Coupons


Coldwater Creek Information

Coldwater Creek started in 1984 as a small mail order business. It is now a leading specialty retailer of women's clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decor. Coldwater Creek has a large number of retail stores throughout the United States and sells through a mail order catalog and its...

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Sports Authority Coupons


Sports Authority Information

Sports Authority is a large US retailer of sporting goods. From its headquarters in Colorado, Sports Authority is a recognized name because they have stores across the country and online. In spite of its name, the history of Sports Authority is most closely associated with Gart Sports. Gart Sports...

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Marshalls Coupons


Marshalls Background Information

Marshalls is an American clothing chain that is owned by TJX companies. With over 750 stores in the country, Marshalls offers name brand clothing at a discounted price. Marshalls is the second largest discount clothing chain in the US, only seconded by TJ Maxx, a sister company. Marshalls...

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Abercrombie and Fitch


Abercrombie and Fitch History

Abercrombie and Fitch, or A&F, is a retail store that specializes in current fashions. Michael S. Jeffries, the company’s CEO, directs the company. The brand primarily focuses on luxury-themed casual wear and accessories. Their target market is 18 through 23-year-old adults. They have over 300 stores in...

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American Eagle Coupons


American Eagle Information

American Eagle Outfitters is a popular retailer of clothing and accessories. The store’s headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jerry and Mark Silverman founded the company in 1977 as a sub-company of Retail Ventures, Inc. The brothers sold their company stocks, thereby releasing ownership of the company, in...

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DSW Coupons


DSW Information

Designer Shoe Warehouse, or DSW, is a shoe retailer selling shoes at significantly discounted prices. Based out of Columbus, OH, it operates over 300 stores in 39 states. It offers an ever-changing stock of designer and brand-name footwear in all categories – dress, athletic, and casual. Every store offers...

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