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Usually, it takes only the merest mention of the Red Lobster to create an image in most people’s minds of succulent, mouth-watering seafood. This reaction is no surprise, because that is exactly what is always on the menu if you visit a Red Lobster Restaurant, succulent, mouth-watering seafood that is reasonably priced and cheerfully served!

This has been the scenario at all of Bill Darden’s restaurants ever since he opened the first Red Lobster in Lakeland, Florida back in 1968. Bill got his start when he opened his first restaurant, The Green Frog, in 1938 in Waycross, Georgia. It was nothing more than a small lunch counter with barstools for seating, but the seafood was amazing! Bill was only 19 at the time, but he seemed to have a good sense of what people wanted when it came to eating out as opposed to cooking at home. Bill felt that good service was of the utmost importance, and so the slogan developed—“Service with a hop!”

After the Red Lobster opened in 1968, the company quickly expanded throughout the Southern and Eastern parts of the country. Joe Lee, an original crew member, became chairman and CEO and led the company to even greater growth. The Olive Garden, and Bahama Breeze eventually joined the Darden group, and when Joe stepped down in 2005, Clarence Otis became the CEO. Today, there are close to 700 Red Lobster Restaurants throughout the United States and Canada.

The key to Bill Darden’s success was not only to offer customers good service, but also an inviting atmosphere and a quality dining experience. The menu at Red Lobster has changed over the years, but the delicious quality of their seafood has not changed. The company has kept up with the needs and desires of their clientele, and so is continually evolving. The décor has been updated several times and new ways of preparing seafood have been utilized and evaluated. The company continues to explore innovations that will please the customers.

A brief look at the Red Lobster menu will reinforce the idea that you have come to the right place if you are a seafood lover. Every kind of seafood is readily available—crab, shrimp, tilapia, clams, scallops, lobster, etc. and it can all be prepared in a variety of ways. All dinners come with their famous Bay Cheddar Biscuits and your choice of salad. Usually another side is included such as a baked potato, wild rice, or a vegetable.

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About once a month, Red Lobster runs some kind of special promotion. A popular one is Endless Shrimp. This special is exactly what it says, for a reasonable price, you can continue to re-order shrimp until you can eat no more! Another promotion is Lobsterfest. One of the dishes, Lobster Lovers’ Dream, features a lobster tail served with shrimp, lobster and langostino pasta. You could also enjoy Rock Lobster, Crab and Shrimp, or any one of several other lobster specialties.

Red Lobster is also interested in good nutrition. They have a tempting Lighthouse Menu, which offers wise choices for those on special diets or those trying to watch their calories. One of their newest innovations is the wood-grilled seafood menu, which has gotten rave reviews.

Even though Red Lobster is reasonably priced and offers a good value for your money, there are even more ways to save money when you dine there. About every 4-6 weeks there are some coupons, usually in the Sunday newspaper. These coupons offer a $4 savings on two dinner entrees, or a $3 savings on two lunch entrees.

You can also join their free online Fresh Catch Club. They will send you a birthday gift, news about special promotions, and an entry into some prize drawings. Coupons are also available on eBay, but you have to pay something for these—it is really just as easy to watch the newspaper for coupons. If you are persistent, you can find a coupon for just about every Red Lobster visit.

Have a great Red Lobster meal!

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