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Ruby Tuesday’s is a large restaurant chain located throughout the United States. They pride themselves on fresh, quality food served by a happy, attentive staff. Most Ruby Tuesday restaurants have a fresh salad and soup bar. They serve a large variety of American-style food such as steaks, seafood and ribs. This is a great place for a date or a pleasant family dinner. Some Ruby Tuesday restaurants even have entertainment during the evening hours.

One of the best things about Ruby Tuesday’s is their affordability. By taking advantage of many savings opportunities, you can have a great dinner at a great price. The first way to save money while dining at Ruby Tuesday’s is to join their So Connected club. So Connected is the name of Ruby Tuesday’s customer rewards program. By going to the Ruby Tuesday website and filling out your personal information, you become part of the So Connected community. What this means is that you will receive coupons, including coupons for free items delivered to your email box. You will also receive email updates on changes and new items added to the Ruby Tuesday menu. Ruby Tuesday’s will surprise you with a special coupon on your birthday, so make sure you add that date when filling out your information.

While at the Ruby Tuesday website, take a few minutes to look around. There is a lot of useful information available here. You can find the closest location to your home. You can check out the Ruby Tuesday menu. Make sure you look to see if there are any specials or coupons available. There are times when Ruby Tuesday will offer a discount coupon that can be printed directly from their website.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Coupon Codes for Ruby Tuesdays

Another easy way to obtain Ruby Tuesday coupons is by checking your newspaper’s weekly coupon booklets. Those coupon booklets that arrive in your Sunday newspaper are filled with savings for you. Every so often, Ruby Tuesday’s will have a Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) offer in these circulars. This coupon will save you up to $10 on your next meal. Lately, Ruby Tuesday has been offering a percent off coupon. For example, you can save 20 percent on your entire meal. This type of coupon is usually not as good as the BOGO coupon, but it is better than nothing.

Every now and then, Ruby Tuesday will offer a special on their gift cards. For instance, if you purchase $50 in gift cards, they will give you an additional $10 gift card for free. If you can afford to put out the $50 in advance this is a great deal. You make $10 on the gift card and then are still able to use a coupon to receive a discount on a meal. It is possible to save as much as $20 at one dinner. Watch for this type of offer around the holiday season.

To find Ruby Tuesday coupons online try checking one of the Internet search engines. By typing Ruby Tuesday coupons in the search box, a number of websites will come up that will show you the most current coupons and deals available related to Ruby Tuesday. The information may take you directly to a place where you can print a Ruby Tuesday coupon or it may give you clues as to where you can locate a coupon.

The last way to save money at your local Ruby Tuesday restaurant is to check out fundraiser cards or coupon books. Often times, a student from your local school will knock on your door asking you to buy one of these. Ruby Tuesday often participates in these methods to promote the chain while giving back to the community. By purchasing a fundraiser card, you are helping a local charity and saving yourself money also. This is a win-win situation. Plus, you don’t have to cook dinner! Check out Ruby Tuesday coupons to save money and have a great meal.

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