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Car-X Coupons

Car-X Background Information

Modern society depends on the automobile. This four-wheeled invention transports millions of people to work. Without cars, limited mobility would restrict human achievement. However, cars are complex machines that require constant maintenance. Auto maintenance services can be very expensive. Also, cars require costly repairs...

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EZ Lube Coupons

EZ Lube History

Without vehicles, our society would be drastically different. Not being able to quickly relocate ourselves and traverse vast distances was once second nature to mankind, but since the late 1920s, the need to plan travel time for trips around the schedule of trains or carriages has disappeared. Now,...

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AAA Coupons

Triple A Information

The AAA (triple A) company provides more than three ways to save money. The business most known for its roadside service to broken-down vehicles also sells auto insurance, helps customers plan their next vacation and provides a plethora of automobile services. The organization started in 1902 in Chicago as...

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Valvoline Coupons


About Valvoline

Valvoline is a trusted manufacturer of premium motor oils for automotive care. Drivers rely on these motor oils to keep their engines running at safe temperatures. Engine lubrication is an important part of the safe operation of an automobile. Valvoline has provided this important type...

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Hertz Coupons


Hertz Car Rental Information

Hertz Companies is probably best known for operation one of the most well known car rental companies in the world. Hertz operates a number of brands that include Hertz Rent-a-Car, Hertz Local Edition, Hertz Equipment Rental, Hertz Car Sales, and Hertz Car and Truck Rental. Although the...

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Tire Kingdom Coupons


Tire Kingdom History

Tire Kingdom is one of the store brands that are owned and operated by TBC Retail Group. Based in Juno Beach, Florida, this group owns Tire KingdomStores, National Tire and Battery (NTB), and Merchant’s Tire & Auto Center. Combined, TBC Retail Group has 730 stores under its purview....

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Firestone Oil Change Coupons


History of Firestone

In 1900, the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company were founded by Harvey Firestone in Akron, Ohio. Firestone was originally created as a rubber and tire manufacturing company that supplied pneumatic tires for wagons, buggies, and other wheeled transportation. With its wide scale success, Firestone began to produce tires...

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Avis Coupons


Learn about Avis Rental Car Company

Avis is a rent-a-car company that is headquartered in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, New Jersey. Avis, Budget Rent a Car and Budget Truck Rental are all subsidiaries of Avis Budget Group. Avis offers a great service to business travellers and people who have their cars in...

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Autozone Coupons


Information About Autozone

AutoZone is a Memphis, Tennessee-based company that is primarily involved in the sale of automotive parts to retail customers. Most parts carried by the auto parts chain of stores are intended as replacement components for light trucks and passenger cars for individuals willing to work on their vehicles...

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Goodyear Coupons


About Goodyear

It was, well, a good year for the Goodyear company, as it produced $19.5 billion in net sales. It is also the largest manufacturer of tires in North and Latin America, according their website. The company, which ranked No. 16 on the Best Corporate Reputations list for 2008 released by...

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Pep Boys Coupons


Who are the Pep Boys?

Pep Boys Auto is an automotive aftermarket retail chain. It is well known for being full service, as well as for its advertising spokescartoons, the Pep Boys, Manny, Moe, and Jack. Originally begun as "Pep Auto Supplies" in 1921, the company has since grown to include 570...

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Advanced Auto Parts Coupons


Advanced Auto Parts Background Info

Advance Auto Parts is the leading company for automotive aftermarket products. They have over 75 years of experience in automotive sales and only sell high quality, affordable parts. Advance Auto has over 3,400 stores with more than 49,000 employees nationwide. The company is headquartered in Roanoke,...

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Enterprise Car Rental Coupons


Enterprise Car History

Enterprise grew from a small operation of 7 cars to represent part of North America's largest rental car corporation. Enterprise is present with access to more than 90% of the citizens of the United States. The presence and availability of Enterprise to potential consumers has benefited the business...

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Oil Change Coupons

The History of Oil Changes

One of the few services that people have yet to start regularly doing on their own to save money is changing their own oil. The poor economy has people doing more stuff themselves now than ever, but with the challenge of disposing oil and the risk...

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