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Though Daphne’s Greek Cafe is not a large restaurant chain, it has become a staple of the Southwest. Founded originally in 1991, this San Diego based chain has seen its fair share of expansion over the years. It started out as something of a small venture, but has become a big business with 80 locations in various parts of the West at this point in time. The restaurant was founded way back then by a man named George Katakalidis. He named his restaurant after Daphne the Greek goddess, and it has been that way for almost two decades.

The reason why Daphne’s Greek Cafe has been able to expand to locations all up and down the West coast has everything to do with its unique approach and the quality of its food. Those people who are lucky enough to have Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons get to taste food that is authentic and creative. They specialize, as one might guess, in traditional Greek renderings like gyros. The individuals who hold Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons will also enjoy the atmosphere there, as it is both friendly and casual. No matter which location you end up choosing, you will be treated to light atmosphere that can be either quick or last a sufficient amount of time, depending upon your ultimate needs.

Additionally, more people choose to use their Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons for lunch than anything else. Though they are open for dinner, the menu and the way the food is served is much more suited to the business crowd that is looking for a quick lunch. That is why the Daphne’s locations are all somewhere in an urban area. They allow people to order quickly right at the counter and then the food is brought out to tables. This has been a very successful business model for many restaurants over the years and it specifically allows Daphne’s to operate with very low costs.

Where to Use the Coupons

As far as locations are concerned, you could use Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons at plenty of places out West. There are popular locations in Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Though all of these areas have good spots to use Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons, the Southern California locations are probably the most popular of all. Since the restaurant itself is based out of San Diego, it should come as no surprise that this location offers a high degree of service and is often a testing ground for new ideas by the management. Many in the San Diego area swear by Daphne’s for their quick lunch meals.

Some folks like to get Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons specifically to take advantage of their Greek seasonal celebrations. The owners and operator is still highly in tune with Greek culture, so they occasionally will celebrate popular Greek holidays with great specials. This is a nice time to really get a good deal at Daphne’s if you are into saving money on your lunch selections.

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Daphnes Greek Cafe

Finding Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons is not all that hard, since they are readily willing to provide these things. This is one of their marketing staples, as they believe that Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons help bring people into the restaurant. Daphne’s will regularly advertise special coupons on its website, so that you can visit and print them out from home. Additionally, there are coupons that you can get when you enter the restaurant and you might also find Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons in various coupon newsletters. This large selection of both online and offline Daphne’s Greek Cafe coupons makes it relatively easy to eat for cheap at lunchtime.

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