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Swiffer Coupons

Background Information on Swiffer

Since the late 1990's, Swiffer products have made house cleaning a breeze. And though none of their products are expensive, using any of the Swiffer coupons on the market makes these tasks even easier. Today's homemaker needs to find ways to make their money stretch. The Swiffer...

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Gain Coupons

Gain Detergent Information

William Proctor, born in England, and James Gamble of Enniskillen, Ireland, both immigrated to the United States. While they had never met before, they both settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was here that the men's fates crossed when they married the Norris sisters, Olivia and Elizabeth. These two...

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Quilted Northern Coupons

Quilted Northern Background Information

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue is made by Georgia Pacific, founded in 1927. They manufacture pulp, paper, tissue, packaging, and related items in the forest products industry across the world. However, the name Northern was adopted 1901 by the group of investors who built the first mill on...

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Dawn Coupons

Information about Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn dish soap is popular with consumers because it effectively cleans even the most stubborn grease and dirt from dishes. This reliability has made Dawn one of the leading dish soap brands for more than 35 years. As a result, Dawn dish soap is one of...

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Brawny Coupons

Information about Brawny

Paper towels are an essential item in many households. They are excellent for quick cleaning jobs because they are durable enough to use for general cleaning and they are absorbent enough to mop up common spills. Unfortunately, it can get costly to keep them stocked in your home....

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Hefty Coupons

Background Info on Hefty

Hefty offers products that are useful around the entire house. Their wide variety of helpful products make tasks from cooking to cleaning up easier than ever. Keep fruits and vegetable fresh longer with Hefty Fresh Extend bags. Cook everything from casseroles to cakes in Hefty EZ Foil...

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Behr Paint Coupons

History of Behr Paint

Behr was founded in 1947 when Otho Behr, Jr. began selling linseed oil to paint stores. When customers made it known they needed a better performing product on redwood than linseed oil, Otho's father, an accomplished chemist, helped him develop a new formula. The Behr family garage...

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Benjamin Moore Coupons

History of Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore & Co. was started as Moore Brothers Paint Co. in 1883 by Benjamin and Robert Moore, two brothers living in Brooklyn. At its inception, the company only carried one product: “Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish”. In 1892, Benjamin Moore created MURESCO paint, revolutionizing the paint industry....

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HomeGoods Coupons

HomeGoods History

HomeGoods was established in 1992 as a discount home decor and furnishings store. More than 300 locations across the United States carry brand and designer name home fashions at 20% to 60% less than catalogs, department or specialty stores. The TJX Companies, Inc. is the parent company of HomeGoods...

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Pier 1 Coupons

History of Pier 1

Pier 1 Imports is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, operating 1000 stores in 49 states, Mexico and Canada. Merchandise includes candles and accessories, picture frames, furniture, home décor, rugs and textiles, and dining and tableware from over 50 countries including India, China, Thailand, the Philippines and Mexico....

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Clorox Wipes Coupons

Background Information on Clorox Wipes

Clorox Wipes are a convenient way to keep your home clean and sanitary. These disposable wipes come in a pop-up dispenser, and they quickly clean surfaces and kill germs. Especially in the cold and flu season, it's a good idea to keep these handy to wipe...

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CB2 Coupons

History of CB2

CB2 is an offshoot of Crate and Barrel that first opened in Chicago in 2000 and is now six stores in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles and Miami. Stores carry affordable, modern designs for apartment, loft or home. CB2 carries an extensive line of merchandise...

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Sherwin Williams Coupons

Sherwin Williams History

Sherwin Williams is a fortune 500 company that produces and sells various paints and other coatings to retail, business, and commercial customers. The company was started by two men, Edward Williams and Henry Sherwin in 1866, so Sherwin Williams has had a long time to evolve into the...

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Costco Photo Coupons

Costco Photo Information

Photos are by far the best way to capture some of life's most precious moments. Whether it's a photo from a cell phone or a disposable camera, each treasured memory captured in a photograph is a great reminder of back when for you to keep always. With today's...

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Movie Ticket Coupons

Movie Ticket Information

Movies are more available on-line and through digital cable than at any other time in the history of film. The changing way in which Americans watch movies has affected the industry and their pricing schematics. Inflated cinema pricing options for movies and food has driven many consumers away...

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Menards Coupons

Menards Information

Menards is a large chain of stores in the Midwest, geared highly toward home improvement. The company is a privately held franchise, and its headquarters are located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company has over 250 stores in over 10 states. The company boasts locations in Wyoming, North Dakota,...

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Bed Bath and Beyond 20% Discount

Bed, Bath & Beyond: Forward Thinking Company with Exceptional Coupons

The year was 1971 and Bed Bath & Beyond's co-founders, Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein, were on-the-scene observers of the decline of the big department store. A brainstorming session between the two seasoned retail executives lead to the creation of a...

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Febreze Coupons

Febreeze Coupons

Learn About Febreze Products

Febreze was developed by Proctor & Gamble and was first introduced in 1998. The active ingredient in febreze is a “donut-like” shaped molecule called beta-cyclodextrin. This is a naturally occurring plant based molecule that bind hydro-carbonic compounds within the hole in its middle. In layman's terms, when...

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Home Depot Coupons

Home depot logo

History of the Home Depot

Founded in 1971 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, The Home Depot is one of the fastest growing and largest home supply stores. The first two stores opened on June 22, 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Home Depot dwarfed all other hardware stores with its 60,000...

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Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons


About Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is the number one household goods superstore in the US, with over 300 stores throughout North America. The stores stock various kinds of domestic merchandise like linens, bathroom items, kitchen implements, small appliances, cookware, and cutlery, among many others. The company primarily...

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Advair Coupons


Advair Information

The number of prescriptions for Advair inhaler and Advair diskus units has surged due to both the effectiveness of the drug and an increase in the budget for advertising implemented by the manufacturer. GlaxoSmithKline, one of the United States' most successful producers of pharmaceuticals, has stepped up the visibility...

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Ace Hardware Coupons


Ace Hardware Information

In 2010, there are 4800 Ace hardware stores in all 50 states and 70 different countries. The company is America’s #1 retailer-owned cooperatives. The Ace we know today began its 86 year history when four local Chicago area hardware store owners integrated their stores. When you fall in...

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IKEA Coupons

IKEA's History

Perhaps one of the most critically acclaimed and popular venues at which customers may purchase various traditional and unique bits of furniture, IKEA has a long history attached to it. To be precise, this privately owned retailer that is internationally renowned is a long time seller of flat pack...

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Printable Coupons

History of Printable Coupons

There is no need to leaf through flyers to find great coupons on your favorite items. Printable coupons are available online and offer tremendous discounts on all kinds of items at store locations that are near where you live Check out these printable coupons and bring them...

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