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History of Qdoba

In 1995, Colorado native Anthony Miller, along with his partner Robert Hauser opened the first Qdoba Mexican Grill Restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Miller wanted to import the San Francisco mission styled burrito into the Colorado area. This idea proved to be a success with the first year revenue of this restaurant location bringing in over one and a half million dollars. Customers and critics alike quickly took to the restaurant’s authentic Mexican flavors and fresh ingredients.

Since first opening, the restaurant has gone through a few name changes. The first restaurant opened under the name Zuma and was soon changed to Z-Teca Mexican Grill. However, the name was getting confused with another Mexican restaurant chain named Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill. Finally the name Qdoba was invented.

Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurants are built on a strong philosophy that is believed to be the key to the success of the company even today. The philosophy states that Qdoba Mexican Grill is a place where tradition is appreciated. It is a place where creativity and experimentation thrive. A place where fresh ingredients are prepared and handcrafted into delicious meals before your eyes. And a place where perfection is believed to be achieved through the skilled cooks, an open grill and a friendly dining atmosphere.

When you visit a Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurant, it is like walking into an artisanal kitchen. Fresh ingredients, such as prime meat choices, fresh chilis and vine ripened vegetables are cooked and assembled into delicious meal dishes before your eyes. Guests say that the experience they get when watching a skilled cook prepare their meals enhances the entire dining experience and gives them the enjoyment of knowing that their entire meal is prepared with fresh ingredients that are made specifically for them in mind. The skilled chefs create an artful preparation over open grills that add energy and warmth while creating a lively and engaging dining environment.

Today there are over 450 Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurants located throughout the United States. Owned and operated by Jack In The Box, Qdoba specializes in serving burritos made in the original San Francisco burrito style, tacos, quesadillas, taco salads, Mexican gumbo and fresh guacamole. The Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurants are classified as fast casual dining facilities that offer their customers quick service but with higher quality food choices than a typical fast food restaurant establishment offers. The Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurant slogan is “Fast, Fresh and Friendly”, which is something every customer that visit’s one of the locations will experience first hand.

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