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Founder Floyd Tillman, better known as “Sonny”, established Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q in Gainesville, Florida back in 1968. Since then, this famous restaurant has branched out to 9 southern states and has over 125 diverse locations.

When you stop-in, you’ll partake in a southern-style meal like never before. In fact, after just one trip to Sonny’s and the opportunity to experience a signature dish, you’ll swiftly comprehend its popularity. Meats such as ribs and chicken are slow-cooked to perfection.

When you take a moment to learn a bit about Sonny’s “the restaurant” and Sonny’s “the franchise,” you’ll be glad to get the “know-how” on where to obtain Sonny’s Bar-B-Q coupons.

Signature Dishes

Finger-licking and mouthwatering entries will placate any appetite when you visit a Sonny’s restaurant. This southern-style cuisine serves up some of the unsurpassed home-style meals you’ll ever sink your teeth in to. You’ll take pleasure in everything from St. Louis Cut Ribs, Pulled Beef Brisket and Sliced Turkey to Southern Catfish Fillet, Char-grilled Chicken and Sonny’s Signature Baby Backs; no matter what your decision–you won’t be disenchanted.

The Rib Sampler is one option if you can’t decide on any one particular item. When you select the Rib Sampler, you’ll indulge yourself with the Sweet & Smokey St. Louis Cut Ribs or Classic Dry Rub Ribs plus a portion of the Signature Baby Back Ribs.

Odds and Ends

Don’t forget to order at least one of the tasty appetizers such as Chicken Wings, Corn Nuggets or Southern Recipe Brunswick Stew; all of which are flavorsome meal starters. The side dishes are perfectly prepared to enhance any entree with choices such as Baked Sweet Potato, Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Loaded Mashed Potatoes and Cinnamon Apples. Homemade Fruit Cobbler served with a generous scoop of ice cream, Home-style Banana Pudding or Double Chocolate Brownie Bliss are the ideal endings to any feast.

Bring Home the Flavors of Sonny’s in a Bottle

Sonny’s Bar-B-Q proudly features an array of great tasting home-cooked sauces like Sonny’s Sizzlin’ Sweet Sauce; created to heat things up–back in your own kitchen. Sonny’s Smokin’ Bar-B-Q Sauce, Sonny’s Mustard Sauce, Sonny’s Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce and Sonny’s Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce can be purchased online or at any one of the Sonny’s restaurants.

Sonny’s Corporate Motto

“At Sonny’s we are dedicated to the communities we serve and strive to touch the lives of our guests–that is why we made a commitment to philanthropy at the corporate, restaurant and franchisee level. We empower and encourage our team members to make a difference for those who are less fortunate.”

Community Dedication

Sonny’s Franchise Company continues to give back to the community and values education on every level. As an immense supporter for education, Sonny’s provides schools and its teachers with the necessary items needed to support in educating children from elementary schools through to college and med-school. Sonny’s supports countless charitable organizations that fund and maintain education.


Sonny’s partners with a multiple of organizations in education like UCF Medical School, Seminole County Public Schools, the University of Florida, Orange Public Schools and A Gift for Teaching.

Some other programs that Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q is involved with are Boy Scouts of America, Central Florida Council, Orange County COMPACT, March of Dimes, Osceola Center for the Arts, Orlando Repertory Theater, Children’s Miracle Network, BETA Center, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Adult Literacy League, and Children’s Home Society–just to name a few.

Annual Contests

Sonny’s has an “Annual Flat Sonny Summer Travels Contest;” to enter–simply print out the Sonny coloring page from the website. Submit an imaginative photo of Sonny; or present a photo of you posing with Sonny; then write a brief photo description. One example of the type of prize you can win is a free dinner for 4 at a Sonny’s Restaurant and 4 Walt Disney Park Hopper passes.

Just for the Kids

Sonny loves to include the under 12 crowd in activity contests. An example of a kid contest is Sonny’s search for the perfect “dog” photo. Children were asked to send in a photo and name of any beloved dog. The victor enjoyed a family get-away to Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts plus this winning pet photo gets illustrated in an upcoming Sonny’s activity book; a prize from Pet Land was an added bonus.

E-mail Club Coupons

If you’re already a Sonny’s enthusiast or have become intrigued to stop in, you’ll want to first sign-up to become a member of Sonny’s E-Mail Club. Simply visit and click on the E-mail Club. Here as a member, you’ll obtain on-going information about Sonny’s such as upcoming events, special deals and obtainable coupons to use at a Sonny’s locations near you.

Finding Sonny’s BBQ Coupons

There are plenty of websites accessible that offer numerous deals and price cuts to use at Sonny’s such as where you’ll have admittance to coupons from 100’s of restaurants, including Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q. offers restaurant coupons when available, so be sure to check often for a Sonny’s coupon. Some coupon websites will offer coupons for a specific city such as for those residing in or visiting Fort Myers, Florida; and are a few other sites you may wish to check out.

Newspapers offering coupons for a particular region near any one of the Sonny’s restaurants is a great place to check for possible one time coupons and deals. Since Sonny’s is a franchise, many owners will advertise coupons for their specific location.

A Final Coupon Thought

Unfortunately, some Internet websites claim to offer Sonnysbbq coupons, but don’t. They lure you into a particular website then redirect you to visit to join the E-Mail Club. Therefore, why not go straight to the source initially; stop by to sign-up today.

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