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Devour Delicious Discounted Food with Applebee’s Coupons!

Applebee’s is an International Restaurant Franchise which started its humble beginnings in Decatur, Georgia back in 1980. Today, there are over 2000 Applebee’s in over 15 different countries. The original name for Applebee’s was “TJ Applebee’s Edibles and Elixirs.” Today we all know it as “Applebee’s”, with an apple as the apostrophe, how cute.

The original menu had things on it like gumbo soup, salads, potato skins, chicken fingers, steak fries, onion rings, nachos piled six inches high!, burgers, and fried mushrooms. They even had quail on the menu, though it is not there today.

My wife and I recall our very first dining experience with Applebee’s. It was in Nashua, New Hampshire back around 1995. In those days very few people had even heard of Applebee’s, especially if you were from New York as we are. We immediately fell in love with their most famous menu item, the ribs, or as they call them “riblets.” We did not have any Applebee’s Coupons at the time, but the price was very reasonable for such high quality food.

It is pretty difficult to find Applebee’s coupons if you just do a search for “Applebee’s Coupons.” This will link you with dozens of different sites about free coupons, and free restaurant coupons. Most all of them will lead you to a dead end, if you are actually looking for real, printable, Applebee’s coupons.

Print Applebee’s Coupons and Promotional Discounts Online

However there are coupons out there that you can print and use to discount your dining experience at Applebee’s, one of them is Ebay. Just search for Applebee’s, or Applebee’s coupons on Ebay and you will find some Applebee’s coupons. You will have to pay a small fee, but overall you will still end up saving money. Most of the items on Ebay are fifty dollar gift cards, and if you bid on them, you may end up getting one for $25 or so, still it is quite a savings, and much better than any coupon!

Another site you can check out for savings with coupons, including Applebee’s coupons is This is a very informative site where you can find many different coupons, including Applebee’s coupons. They have a program you can sign up for free called “Money Mailer Mobile Delivers Special Savings to Your Cell Phone”, here you can get coupons emailed directly to your mobile phone.

This is how it works
1. The coupons are sent to your cell phone by text messages. To use the coupon show it to the cashier when you pay for the food, or services.
2. Then you can choose the different businesses you want that will send coupons to your phone by signing up with that business.

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