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Plavix Coupons

Coupons for Plavix

Benefits of Plavix

Plavix is a prescription medication manufactured by the Bristol-Myers Company. Two of the leading causes of death in the United States are heart attack and stroke, and the numbers continue to climb despite increasingly sophisticated medications. What's even more troubling is that those who have survived either a heart...

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Mucinex Coupons


History of Mucinex

Those of us prone to frequent chest colds, particularly in the frigid winter months, are no doubt very familiar with the expectorant Mucinex. Marketed by Reckitt Benckiser, Inc., Mucinex helps break up the mucus that can settle deep in the lungs during a cold or flu. The theory...

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Toothpaste Coupons

History of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a pretty standard household item for people worldwide. Not only does it clean our teeth, but it also helps prevent bad breath and gum disease. In combination with the action of the toothbrush, toothpaste strongly promotes oral hygiene. Although the earliest known ...

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ThermaCare Coupons

History of ThermaCare

If you have muscle or joint pain, you have likely tried different products and therapies to relieve your pain. ThermaCare HeatWraps are popular products used in the treatment of body pain. Fortunately, these drug-free patches have coupons available so you can save money while seeking relief.

About ThermaCare Products


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Nicoderm CQ Coupons

History of Nicoderm

The history of SmithGlaxoKline resembles an ancestral family tree rather than the beginnings of a company. The forebearers are illustrious and fruitful. The very first seed was planted in 1715 when Silvanus Bevan established Plough Court pharmacy, the forerunner of Allen and Hanburys Ltd, in London. In the 1800’s,...

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Sonicare Coupons

Sonicare Information

Sonicare is an electrically powered toothbrush manufactured and marketed by Phillips Electronics. The premise behind it is that vibrating bristles will get teeth cleaner than they can get with ordinary brushing. Sonicare is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that vibrates the brush thousands of times per second, getting...

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Degree Deodorant Coupons

Degree Deodorant History

Walking down the deodorant aisle can be overwhelming. There are tons of choices. How do you pick? You need a deodorant that works, that is reasonably priced and that you can trust. Degree deodorant might be the right choice for you. Let’s concentrate on the women’s deodorant. Degree offers...

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Gillette Fusion Coupons

History of Gillette Fusion

The Gillette Fusion was created and produced by The Gillette Company in 1895, which is now owned by Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble bought The Gillette Company a few years ago, who were leading producers in the dispensable razor market. Gillette is mainly known for their...

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Gillette Coupons

History of the Gillette Brand

Gillette is a brand born from the Procter and Gamble company, and is currently used for a line of safety razors. However, the brand’s reach extends to personal hygiene products as well. The brand is based in Boston Massachusetts, and is one of the several brands...

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CVS Coupons

About CVS

For shoppers who want the most bang for their buck, a shopping trip to CVS Pharmacy will not disappoint. By using CVS coupons in conjunction with the CVS ExtraCare program, shoppers can get great deals on everyday items such as makeup, toiletries, over-the-counter medications, and more. While CVS is...

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Teeth Whitening Coupons

Background Information on Teeth Whitening

Having a beautiful smile is one of the biggest confidence boosters that you can have. Your smile shows your personality and love for life, but when you aren't comfortable showing off your teeth this can be difficult to do. Luckily, there are a lot of different...

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OneTouch Test Strip Coupons

History of OneTouch Test Strips

The OneTouch Test Strip was developed by LifeScan, which is a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson corporation. LifeScan’s stated mission is to allow persons with disabilities to live a life without limits, and the OneTouch was intended to allow them to check their blood sugar...

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Planet Fitness Coupons

Planet Fitness History

If you’re overweight, new to fitness, or have other circumstances that make you feel awkward at a fitness gym, you need to go see Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness acknowledges one of the most detrimental qualities of fitness gyms: the stares, gawks, laughs, and other intimidating judgments people face...

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Winston Cigarette Coupons

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Winston Cigarettes

It's easy to get coupons and discounts for Winston cigarettes. You can receive coupons through the mail by contacting the company directly or from sites online. By Mail Simply call RJ Reynolds and request to be placed on their newsletter mailing...

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Charmin Coupons

Charmin History

Charmin is a company that was started by the Hoberg Paper Company in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1928. The Hoberg Paper Company underwent a name change and became Charmin Paper Company. During the companies production process they made paper napkins, toilet paper, and various household paper...

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Venus Razor Blade Refill Coupons

Gillette Venus Background Although The Gillette Company had been around since 1895, its safety razor market focused primarily on men. Oftentimes, women were forced to use their husbands’ razors or cheap disposables. The company introduced the Gillette Sensor for Women in the 90s, and was the first of its kind on...

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Nyquil Coupons

About NyQuil

Nyquil, also known as Vick’s Nyquil, is a cold medication that is intended to help the user feel better and get to sleep and then wake up feeling better the next morning. The medication is made by Vicks, which in turn is owned by Procter & Gamble. Procter and...

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Depends Coupons

Depends Information

Adult incontinence is, at a minimum, embarrassing. Incontinence can affect lifestyles, can be a symptom of underlying health problems, or can be a temporary result of surgery, medications or childbirth. In 1980, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation launched the first marketed product for adult incontinence, Depend. Available as both liners and...

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Basic Cigarette Coupons

Information on Cigarettes

Never mind that it may be bad for your health – smoking cigarettes can bankrupt you! As of April 1, 2009, federal taxes on cigarettes were $1.01 per pack. And then there are all the state taxes to contend with. The Basic cigarette brand was developed by Philip Morris...

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Salem Cigarette Coupons

Salem Cigarette Information

Salem cigarettes were introduced in 1956 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They were the first filter-tipped menthol cigarette on the market and has been one of the best selling cigarette brands in the US for since the 1970s. Today, they sell several varieties: black, green, light and ultra light....

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Nicoderm Coupons

About Nicoderm

The rising costs present in today’s economy with regard to healthcare and tobacco products, most notably cigarettes, has lead to a dramatic increase in the amount people who want to quit smoking. Nicoderm is a product designed to help people in quitting process. The health benefits of not smoking...

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Copenhagen Coupons

Copenhagen Background Information

There are some companies in the United States that have been successful just by standing the test of time. While many different companies in the tobacco industry could be described as "fly by night", Copenhagen is not one of those. People who use Copenhagen coupons are getting a...

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Alli Coupons

Alli: Anti-obesity Wonder Drug

Approximately 65% of American adults are currently overweight. Alli, pronounced like the word for companion or pal, ally, is a diet supplement that is designed for those endeavoring to shed some excess pounds. It is produced by the large pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, and is available without a...

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AARP Coupons

About AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons, now more widely known as AARP, is an interest group and organization based in the United States. The group is not governmental and considers itself non-partisan, non-profit and dedicated to enhancing the life quality of elderly people. You must...

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Prilosec Coupons

Prilosec Information

Heartburn is extraordinarily painful. Many people suffer from acid reflux after large meals. For isolated cases, calcium carbonate is a favored solution to indigestion. However, chronic health problems also cause acid reflux. For these situations, Prilosec provides a continuous reduction of stomach acids.

Over time,...

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Gillette Mach 3 Coupons

A Brief Guide About Gillette Mach 3 Products and Coupons

The Gillette Mach 3 line of shaving products gives men a close, clean shave at an affordable price. This has made the Gillette Mach 3 line of shaving products one of Gillette's best sellers since the Mach shaving line was first...

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Deodorant Coupons

Deodorant Stick

Deodorant Information

Want to save money on your next deodorant purchase? Then, you've come to the right place. Here we'll detail several different resources that offer free deodorant coupons, with no strings attached! No sign-up or registration, and no obligation whatsoever. Simply visit the websites we will provide for you, and...

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Virginia Slims Coupons

Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia Slims Background Information

Virginia Slims Phillip Morris USA manufactures the brand of cigarettes specially intended for women, called Virginia Slims. This brand, launched in 1968, was marketed and targeted to professional young women with the slogan of "You've come a long way, baby." The resulting fast increase in teenage girls'...

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Kool Cigarette Coupons

Kool Cigarettes

Background on Kool Cigarettes

With the cost of cigarettes continually rising, many people are looking for any way to save money one them, which includes finding coupons. Kool cigarette coupons are available, but not as easy to get as you might think. Most online coupons are a scam, and it is...

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Bath And Body Works Coupons

Bath and Body works

Bath and Body Works Information

Bath and Body Works is considered a modern-day apothecary, encouraging daily rituals that help not only a person's health and beauty but also emotional well-being. Bath and Body Works was founded in New Albany, Ohio, in 1990. Since the creation of the original store, the franchise...

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Jewel Osco Coupons

Jewel Osco

Jewel Osco Background Information

Jewel Osco is a regional supermarket and grocery chain primarily in the Chicagoland area. Jewel Osco also has a presence in Iowa, Indiana and the rest of Illinois in addition to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Jewel Osco is known for providing a one stop shop for...

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LA Fitness Coupons

LA Fitness Logo

History of LA Fitness

The LA Fitness company operates two hundred or more workout gyms Around the USA and Canada. The company began with the partnership of three men, Jeremy Taylor, Fred Turock, and David Turner pooled resources to take over and manage several failing exercise clubs. Since 1984 when the...

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Prescription Coupons


Prescription Costs and Ways to Save

Prescription medications are a necessary expense for millions of people. Health insurance coverage is not always set up to accommodate the illnesses or unforeseen sicknesses that arise among developed societies. The manufacturers of prescription medications have been known to keep prices of their brand name...

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Secret Deodorant Coupons


Learn About Secret Deodorant

Using Secret Deodorant gives you the confidence to wave your arms in the air and shout “hurray”. Secret’s line of antiperspirants offers you a variety of choices. One is surely the correct choice for you. Secret products are made by Proctor and Gamble (P&G), a company that...

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Coupons

Dicks Sporting Goods

About Dicks Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, began as a small bait and tackle shop offering little more than fishing supplies. Through decades of acquisitions, expansion and corporate maneuvering, Dick's has grown into one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world. Sales at Dick's Sporting...

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Kleenex Coupons


Kleenex Tissues

Kleenex tissues are so popular today that, irregardless of what tissue brand people are talking about, they refer to it as a kleenex. It has practically become a universal word. So, how did the Kleenex franchise begin? It all started with the Kimberly-Clark company in the middle of World...

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Crest Coupons

Crest Dental health is of critical importance. Many underestimate the serious dangers that face individuals with poor dental hygiene. For example, tooth decay can lead to bacterial infections. These infections can spread from teeth to the sinuses. Since the sinuses are so close to the human brain,...

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Tampax Coupons

Tampax Coupons

The History of Tampax

The modern design for tampons began in 1929 with Dr. Earle Cleveland Haas. Haas developed the elongated cotton design, cotton cord, and cardboard applicator tube in his home workshop. His design paved the way for others, and in March of 1936, Tampax Incorporated was born. Ellery Mann,...

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Lenscrafters Coupons

Lenscrafters Logo

Background Information on Lenscrafters

A leader in optical retailing, the Lenscrafters company started in 1983 and pioneered the "eyeglasses in about one hour" concept. Lenscrafters retail centers are usually located in busy shopping malls and offer the convenience of walk-in shopping for eyewear. Customers can bring prescriptions from their private eye...

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Marlboro Lights Cigarette Coupons


Background Information about Marlboro Lights Cigarettes

Marlboro Lights are part of the Marlboro line of cigarettes, which includes 30 different varieties of cigarettes in both menthol and non-menthol flavors. Marlboro cigarettes are made in the United States by Philip Morris USA, which is a branch of Altria. Outside the United States,...

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Skoal Coupons


History of the Skoal Brand

Skoal is a brand of smokeless tobacco that has become widely popular in the United States with a variety of different offerings. Many people use Skoal coupons each and every day and they are able to enjoy a quality product provided by U.S. Smokeless Tobacco, which...

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Schick Quattro Coupons


About Shick

Schick has been recognized for years as a leading manufacturer of razors for both men and women. The company first came into existence due to the ingenuity of U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick. During a break from his military service, he came up with his first design for...

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Marlboro Cigarette Coupons


Marlboro Cigarette History

Marlboro began as a British company, named after its first factory site on Great Marlborough Street in London. In 1902, a branch of the company opened in New York. By the 1920s, Marlboro cigarettes were being advertised in the U.S. as a mild, woman's brand. Things went well...

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Newport Cigarette Coupons


History of Newport Cigarettes

There have been many different types of cigarettes over the years and certain companies have done their part to help create new sensations. Newport is one of those companies, as it was one of the first cigarette makers to produce menthol cigarettes. Newports came into existence in...

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Pfizer Coupons


The History of Pfizer

Pfizer Incorporated, based in New York City, New York, is the most successful pharmaceutical company in the world. Pfizer has become recognized worldwide as a leader in research and development of medications encompassing a scope of treatable conditions. The profitability of the Pfizer line of prescription medications...

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Zyrtec Coupons


What is Zyrtec?

Zyrtec is a brand name medication used for the treatment of allergies. One of the most popular and profitable allergy medications on the market, Zyrtec saw sales decline slightly last year with the release of its generic equivalent, cetirizine. Availability of the lower-cost generic created a drop in...

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Marlboro Coupons


About Marlboro Cigarettes

Cigarette smokers everywhere have for many years favored the Marlboro brand cigarettes for the richer flavor and smoother taste. As there have been various products from Marlboro, there have been choices available for people of all tastes, even menthol. Philip Morris USA is actually the company that manufactures...

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Camel Cigarette Coupons


Camel Cigarette Information

As a smoker, it can get to be a pinch on the pocket having to pay full price for your vice. Cigarette manufacturers and retailers know this, and they offer coupons to encourage you to indulge in your favorite brand. Camel coupons are among some of the best...

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Pall Mall Cigarette Coupons

Pall Mall

History of Pall Mall

The Pall Mall cigarette franchise got its start in 1899 through the a corporation known as the Butler & Butler Company. The name "Pall Mall" is actually pronounced and should sound like "pell mell," as this is the way the very first television and radio ads dictated...

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American Spirit Coupons


Background Information on American Spirit

These filter types are: Non-Filter (Tan), Regular Filter (Cyan), Medium/Charcoal Filter (Celadon), Light Filter (Yellow), Ultra Light Filter (Yellow and White), Menthol Filter (Green), Menthol Light Filter (Green and White), Organic Filter (Maroon and Gold), Organic Light Filter (Gold), and Perique (Black). Perique is a stronger...

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Gillette Razor Blade Coupon


History of Gillette

The Gillette company is cutting through the competition. The business, based in Boston, was founded by King Camp Gillette in 1895, and the safety shaving razor was patented in 1904. Gillette started simply as a manufacturer of disposable shaving razors, but now boasts battery-operated, five-blade shaving razors amongst...

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Accu Chek Test Strip Coupons


History of Accu-Chek

Accu-Chek is a company specializing in diabetes care management. Its parent company is Roche Diagnostics, which has its American base of operations located in Indianapolis, Indiana, although there are facilities in five other states and in Puerto Rico. Roche Diagnostics is an international corporation that makes a variety...

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