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Wingstop is a chain of restaurant properties that are recognized for having a pre-jet aviation décor. This nostalgic environment coincides with its emphasis on another kind of wing – chicken wings. Since its inception in 1994, Wingstop has grown to over 600 locations and continues to be based in Texas. Wingstop has been rated at number one for chicken wings and number five for overall new franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine. Wingstop prides itself in made to order food and in its ingenuity in bringing a great dining experience to all its customers. Recently, Wingstop had finished preparing and selling its first billion wings. The popularity of Wingstop’s food continues to increase, meaning the second billion isn’t very far behind.

Wingstop is involved with a charity program called America’s Wings, a joint effort with the Feeding America campaign. With over 25 million people in hunger being served by Feeding America, the organization makes good use of Wingstop’s contributions. Customers have the opportunity to join Wingstop in this effort by making special donations at the restaurants or at the Wingstop Web page.

Wingstop features many special sauces that go with their wings. These include Hawaiian Sauce, Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce, and Teriyaki Sauce. The Wingstop menu includes nine flavors of wings to choose from: Cajun, Atomic, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Mild, Original Hot, Garlic Parmesan, Teriyaki, and Hawaiian. You can order wings in platters of 10, 20, 35, 50, 75, and 100 pieces with different flavor combinations available. Combo meals that include fries and drinks are also available from Wingstop. Boneless chicken wings are also available at Wingstop with the same options available as for their regular wings.

The menu at Wingstop also features breaded chicken strips. These are breaded strips that are sauced and tossed and are the perfect size for dipping. When ordering combos, customers can mix and match boned wings, boneless wings, and strips. Sides available at Wingstop include homemade potato salad, bourbon baked beans, Creamy cole slaw, and Idaho fried potatoes. Crispy vegetable sticks are also available and come with your choice of ranch, blue cheese, or honey mustard dips. Another option available at Wingstop is their hot cheddar cheese sauce.

Wingstop’s bone-in wings are not breaded, so they are gluten free options for customers with that kind of sensitivity. The sauces at Wingstop, however, may contain gluten, so customers should keep that in mind when ordering.

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Customers looking for Wingstop coupons need to look no further than your mailbox. Wingstop sends out advertising, specials, and coupons via direct mail. You can also go to the Wingstop Web site at to sign up for the Wingstop eclub. When you do this, you get a welcome coupon as well as coupons for your birthdays. You also get updates with the latest news, specials, and menu items offered at Wingstop. You can also keep tabs on Wingstop in Facebook and Twitter.

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