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About the Chipotle Restaurants

Chipotle restaurants, known for their gourmet burritos, tacos and barbacoa, stem from a restaurant opened in 1993 near the University of Denver. Chipotle was initially intended to be a business venture for producing fresh, delicious Mexican-American cuisine in a manner that would capitalize on the campus population. An increase in the founder’s awareness of food preparation and slaughterhouse practices, combined with growing attention to organic fruits and vegetables, led to a change in philosophy represented by the many Chipotle restaurants in business today. Chipotle is recognizable not only by its name, but by the small number of items that have been available on its menu since the chain expanded to national levels.

Chipotle claims to serve more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant of its kind in the country. The vegetables used in the salsas and customizable burrito fillings are shifting towards a completely-organic selection. As of this moment, there are more organic options available at Chipotle restaurants than any other chain in the country aside from those focusing on organic or vegetarian lifestyles. The philosophy of “food with integrity” that remains a staple of Chipotle’s vision extends not only to the plants used in production but the animals served at the restaurant and the farmers who provide the product.

Free range animals, pork and beef free of chemicals and antibiotics are all part of the Chipotle menu. The farmers who represent Chipotle’s vendor are cared for in ways that extend far beyond the purchase of goods. Chipotle is responsible for contributing great deals of money to projects aimed at supporting the struggling farmer population and changing the way restaurants look at the quality of their merchandise.

Eating at Chipolte

The serving style at Chipotle is much different from that of a drive through restaurant and runs in a manner conducive to the individual diner’s preferences. Each burrito, taco and fajita is cooked to order from a number of preselected ingredients kept in fresh rotation throughout the opening hours of the store. Diners can choose salsas, beans, and sour cream, cheese and add-on guacamole to create their ideal lunch or dinner entree. The popularity of the Chipotle chain has much to do with its initial appearance on college campuses around the country. College students were able to get a delicious, high-calorie meal made from quality ingredients to individual specifications.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Coupon Codes for Chipotle

The popularity of Chipotle on and around college campuses led to a number of coupons regularly generated to increase affordability for those on a tight budget. College students generally do not have a great deal of expendable income, and thus shop wisely when choosing a regular place of dining. In addition to printable coupons, Chipotle occasionally sends out mailings with vouchers for free burritos and runs promotions where burritos are given out between pre-determined hours of the day. The options for savings at Chipotle are constantly changing and run among the most available of any restaurant chain in America.

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