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Coupons for Peter Piper Pizza

Company History

Peter Piper Pizza has been a hit with visitors every since Tony Cavolo opened the first restaurant in 1973. The flagship restaurant in Glendale (which is still open today) began as a 4,000 square foot discount pizza joint. The main goal was to sell great-tasting pizza at a low price. This may not have been a revolutionary idea at the time, but Peter Piper Pizza still managed to set itself apart from other pizza parlors.

Tony Cavolo originally lived in New York, and he stood out in Arizona without even trying. It was his thick New York accent that made his early commercials memorable for the Glendale locals. As the restaurant began to attract more customers, he started to toy with the idea of bringing an extra level of entertainment to the dining experience. This idea marked the beginning of Peter Piper’s foray into the world of gaming.

The chains began with four games and expanded to over forty as they caught on with visitors. As the popularity of the Peter Piper franchise skyrocketed, the company grew to operate over 100 chains in Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and even across the border in Mexico.

By the early 90s, investors had acquired a large share of Peter Piper Pizza and combined it with the similarly successful Pistol Pete’s Pizza. Expansion continued, with the chain remaining focused on low-priced pizza combined with activities such as video and virtual-reality games. This formula continued to draw in customers, helping Peter Piper Pizza remain competitive in a crowded market.


Although Peter Piper’s made-from-scratch pizza is very popular in the Southwest United States, it is most known for its entertainment offerings, including playground equipment, arcade games and toddler play areas. The video games allow players to earn tickets that they can redeem for prizes.

In recent years, Peter Piper has also become a popular gathering spot for various organizations, including chess clubs, study groups, play groups for kids, singles events and members of the American Sign Language community. One reason for this newfound popularity is that Peter Piper Pizza now has free WiFi internet access for all customers.

In the past, Peter Piper has generated a bit of controversy for being one of few fast food chains that serves alcohol to customers. Some people feel that it is not appropriate to serve alcohol at a restaurant that is geared towards children. Despite this contention, the addition of the option of ordering alcoholic beverages has certainly increased the chain’s customer base.

Seasonal Celebrations

In June and July, Peter Piper Pizza holds its annual Summer Kids Days. The event takes place every Tuesday morning and involves pizza, games and craft projects. Each week, there is a different theme with colorful decorations to match. Past themes have included space exploration, pirates, super heroes, wildlife and even Christmas in July!

Ways to Find Peter Piper Pizza Coupons and Special Promotions

Generally, Peter Piper’s coupons and promotions vary by location, so it is a good idea to know which location you plan on visiting before searching for coupons. The easiest way to find coupons is to visit the Peter Piper Pizza website and type the city nearest you in the search bar. Nearby locations will show up, and you can just click on one of them to find the latest coupons.

Most Peter Piper chains offer a special deal for birthday parties: the birthday child eats and plays for free with the purchase of a deluxe party package for at least ten people. The coupon can be printed from the website and must be mentioned while the party is being booked.

Peter Piper fans are eligible for even more special deals when they join Club Piper. Members of Club Piper are added to an email list and given access to birthday deals, special events and more. Upon joining, the new member instantly receives a coupon for a free cinnamon crunch dessert. Club Piper is a must for families that visit Peter Piper frequently and especially for families with kids that want to play lots of arcade games.

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