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P. F. Chang’s China Bistro had it’s beginning in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded by Paul Fleming in 1993. They serve a fusion of Chinese and American cuisine with their original menu created by Chef Philip Chiang, the restaurant’s namesake.

This company touts its fresh, high quality ingredients and willingly posts its nutritional information directly to its website. The menu is extensive and is broken down into categories by specific meats, starters, noodles and rice, vegetarian, regional classics and more. One part of the menu that seems to set this restaurant apart from other chains is the section dedicated entirely to gluten free listings. They offer starters, entrees and desserts for customers who have to adhere to a strict diet and even carry wheat free condiments. The eatery has also recently listed five entrees for 9.95 in answer to the unpredictable economy, as well as a kid’s menu with items such as Kid’s Chicken, Kid’s Lo Mein and Baby Buddha’s Feast.

P. F. Chang’s has well over 100 locations all around the globe and is still growing, with one of the most recent businesses opening in Kuwait. However, they may be better known for one of their locations in California where the staff of the television show South Park often dines. The show has mentioned and teased the eatery in several different episodes, often alluding to the fact that one might have a tendency to overeat while dining in this particular establishment.

Many special events are held in high regard at the bistro and they can almost always be counted on to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They also have specials ranging from a special couple’s menu for prom dining to tax relief, including a 15% savings to all customers on April 15. Additionally, they have partnered with the PGA for a charitable event benefitting the Navy/Marine Corp Relief Society, not to mention giving away coupons for free lettuce wraps to each customer.

Find Special Deals, Promotions, and Coupon Codes for PF Changs

While P. F. Chang’s does not give out coupons directly, they do offer discount programs in house. They encourage customers to sign up for their Warrior Card, which must be presented to receive exclusive savings via email. For instance, a current deal allows for 10% off the entire bill. Their website also lists past and current promotions, such as the “big game” special for the Super Bowl, in which a $10 gift card was given for every $50 spent on game day.

There are plenty of deals to be had at P. F. Chang’s Chinese Bistro. Checking their website and keeping an eye out for special events will enable diners to cash in on these bargains. While it’s not easy to find printable coupons for the restaurant, the company makes it easy for their loyal customers to be rewarded.

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