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With a plan to offer great steaks, mouth-watering ribs, and a family-friendly atmosphere, Texas Roadhouse was founded to be a major player in the competitive steakhouse restaurant niche. They offer a commitment to quality that shows in the wide variety of menu items available. All their items are made from scratch, and they have received numerous awards, both for the quality of their food, and the wide variety of entrees that they offer. Despite this wide variety, however, Texas Roadhouse is mainly known for their large, cooked-to-order steaks, their award winning ribs, and their homemade rolls, all mixed with an atmosphere of fun.

Texas Roadhouse currently has over 300 restaurants in 44 states. There are plans to expand and open up even more stores in the years to come. When perusing the official website, www.texasroadhouse.com, currently the company appears to be opening up at least one new store every month, in different parts of the country. While there are more stores in the eastern half of the country, they are expanding westward and stores can now be found from coast to coast.

Find Texas Roadhouse Promotional Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Codes

Patrons at popular restaurants like Texas Roadhouse are always looking for deals to save even more on their meals. While Texas Roadhouse prides itself on offering reasonably priced meals already (their website boasts of twenty meals available under ten dollars), you can join their VIP Club to receive exclusive deals and offers, all sent via e-mail. Simply visit their website at www.texasroadhouse.com and click on the message about joining their VIP club. They will ask you to select a favorite restaurant location; however, there is also a question about whether it is your first time visiting. After entering your e-mail address, your name, birthdate, and whether you have children, you’re all signed up!

Upon joining the VIP club, you will initially receive a coupon for one of their delicious Cactus Blossom appetizers, just for signing up! They will also send you a special e-mail offer on your birthday, as well as on the one year anniversary of when you signed up to join the club. They will also notify you about special events and promotions happening at your favorite restaurant nearest you. The website does not offer any printable coupons at this time; the company already prides itself on offering large portions at a good value. However, many locations offer a Texas 2 Fer offer for people dining earlier in the day. The Texas Roadhouse company does not believe in internet pop-up advertising to draw people in with a potentially analogous advertising offer.

For any official coupons for Texas Roadhouse, you would have to check your local Sunday newspaper. While not offered all the time, occasionally the restaurant does put out coupons. Diligently checking your paper, as well as signing up to be a Roadie in their VIP Club, will allow you to further maximize your savings. The next time you head into a Texas Roadhouse, bring your appetite and look forward to lots of tasty food and fun!

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