O’Charley’s Coupons


O’Charley’s Background Information

You are in luck if you like O’Charley’s because all you have to do to get great bargains and special deals on their wonderful meals is to go to the O’Charley’s website and join the E-Club. You will be eligible for a special coupon just for signing up, and they will send you another special deal for your birthday. In addition, they routinely mail outl offers for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and other special promotions. Typical coupons are for $5 off $20 and Two Dinners for $20.

O’Charley’s headquarters are in Nashville and the chain was founded in 1983 when the company bought out an earlier restaurant that first opened in 1969. The company has grown from the original restaurant on 21st Avenue in Nashville. There are now approximately 240 restaurants in at least twenty states. They are known for their hot, freshly baked rolls and for the fine variety of menu items. O’Charley’s has been named to the Forbes Magazine list of The 200 Best Small Companies.

O’Charley’s Menu

In addition to the coupons and special promotions, you can find a lot of very useful information on the O’Charley’s website. They have an extensive nutritional chart that lists calories and the fat and sodium content for all their dishes, and they also have a special information page for people who may have food allergies. Their menu is quite varied and there is a good selection of items from appetizers to desert items like Ultimate Chocolate Chocolate Cake and Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie. There are steak, chicken and rib dishes, and several kinds of burgers and sandwiches, in addition to their signature salads and trendy mixed drinks. The large selection of menu items makes O’Charley’s a good choice for family dining. They have something for everyone. They have creative food choices such as Sothern Fried Chicken Tacos. O’Charley’s does a good job of adding to, and refining, their menu selections, and the addition of a new item usually prompts a special promotional offering.

Find Promotional Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Deals for O’Charley’s

O’Charley’s is a moderately priced, family style restaurant that offers plenty of coupons and promotional offers. Coupons are printable from the website and can also be found in the weekend newspaper sale inserts and in home mailers. O’Charley’s has a good schedule of special promotions and you can almost always find coupon to print or clip that will make your dining experience even more affordable. O’Charley’s is popular with families and you can sometimes find promotional codes on some of the money saving coupon blogs and also on restaurant and food review blogs. Because there are so many menu choices and so many coupon offers from O’Charley’s you may soon find that you are a regular customer.

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