Famous Dave’s BBQ Coupons

Daves BBQ Coupons

History of Dave’s BBQ

Ask Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave’s, what his mission is and the answer would likely be “Be famous.“ Famous for smoke, meat and sauce. The man lives for barbecue. His passion for ribs began with his first taste of a spare rib his dad brought home from work in his lunch bucket. The ribs would have been slow cooked in 55-gallon smokers filled with charcoal and smoldering green hickory wood – legendary ribs, smoked Southern style, and sold by vendors on the streets of Chicago.

As the story goes, Dave‘s dream was to one day open his own restaurant. A barbecue restaurant that would be known the world over. He’s well on his way. After spending twenty-five years visiting every barbecue joint he could find, Dave perfected his own sauces and the best way to smoke his ribs.

Even while he searched for the perfect recipe, Dave Anderson also took the time to do sales for a major Fortune 500 company and in a key position in Grand Casinos, Inc., lead a team responsible for turning around the Lac Courte Oreilles Chippewa Reservation in an effort to improve the Indian reservation’s struggling economies.

It wasn’t until 1994 that he found the perfect spot in Hayward, Minnesota for his restaurant. He purchased a resort and turned it into a restaurant. From its opening night, Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack was a quick success and was soon serving crowds of up to 1,000 people a day.

Famous Dave’s operates over 170 locations across 37 states and the restaurants are themed in one of three ways: the classic barbecue roadhouse shack, a hunting lodge or a blues club. The flagship restaurant is blues club style and located in Calhoun Square, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

All of the restaurants feature his six award-winning sauces — Rich & Sassy, Hot Stuff, Texas Pit, Georgia Mustard, and Devil’s Spit. Famous Dave’s sauces and ribs have won some of the most prestigious awards for barbecue. The Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce won first prize at the American Royal Barbecue Sauce Contest in Kansas City, Missouri, considered it be the Cadillac of all barbecue contests. Famous Dave‘s has won award after award, including “Greatest Ribs in America“, “Greatest Sauce in America“, “Best New Restaurant“, “Best Dessert“, and Dave Anderson was personally named “Restaurateur of the Year”. In all, Famous Dave’s has won over 400 “Best in Class” awards.

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Dave’s BBQ

Dave Anderson took his company public in 1996. It is traded on the NASDAQ as DAVE and the company headquarters are based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Famous Dave’s is very creative when it comes to coupons and special savings for its customers. Franchises can offer their local communities unique deals and discounts. Famous Dave’s also offers printable coupons or coupon inserts in local newspapers. Insert coupons apply to specific restaurant locations or grocery stores that carry Famous Dave’s barbecue sauces. The coupons are varied and plentiful. Coupons include buy one get one free, dollars off and special prices. On the web, you can join Famous Dave’s PIG (Pretty Important Guest) club for a newsletter that provides barbecue tips, specials and a birthday surprise.

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