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About the Lone Star Steakhouse

The Lone Star Steakhouse has a Texas-styled theme, but you won’t ever find one of their locations in the state of Texas. Though it might be named after the Lone Star State, the restaurant chain itself was founded in Winston Salem, North Carolina, way back in October of 1989. Since then, a lot of things have changed and the restaurant itself has seen significant growth, followed by a slight recession of its own. After three years of successfully operating in North Carolina, the company went public in 1992 and opened 8 restaurants. Since then, the expansion has put it well over 100, but about a fifth of their locations were forced to close down over the last couple of years.

It is curious that people using Lone Star Steakhouse coupons would not be able to find one of these locations within the state of Texas. Still, when you are using Lone Star Steakhouse coupons, you are coming to see what Texas is all about. The atmosphere is supposed to represent the Wild West, and the food is typical of American steakhouses. One of the staples of the restaurant is the bucket of peanuts that come to every single table. It is the tradition there to throw the peanut shells on the ground and this helps to produce the somewhat rustic smells and feel of the restaurant itself.

As far as food is concerned, Lone Star Steakhouse is known for its large t-bone steak, as well as its signature sirloin. As the name suggests, steak is ordered most often by people using those Lone Star Steakhouse coupons, but there are other selections including salads, seafood, and various chicken dishes for people who want something a little bit different. The menu has recently expanded to provide this type of variety to patrons.


The most popular locations are found throughout the Southeast, with many of them being in the urban areas of North and South Carolina. There is a highly popular Lone Star Steakhouse in Columbia, South Carolina, and the one that still operates in Winston Salem is popular, too. That probably has something to do with the tradition there, as people have been using Lone Star Steakhouse coupons to eat that particular restaurant since its inception. Some of these locations have been noted for their quality service and that is part of the reason why Lone Star Steakhouse has been named among the top steakhouse chains in the United States for the past few years.

Lonestar Steakhouse Coupons and Printable Discount Codes

Those individuals looking for Lone Star Steakhouse coupons to make their meal more affordable will be very glad to know that these things do exist in good numbers, both online and offline. Most people would start by looking offline, as the locally run Lonestar locations will typically do much of their advertising in newspapers and sales papers around the area. Likewise, a recent campaign has been started by the company to provide coupons in the local coupon books. Many communities have these, and the restaurants can choose to opt in to the program. They put their little discount coupons in the book in exchange for some free advertising.

Online, you can find Lone Star Steakhouse coupons at a host of different locations. Though it does not happen all the time, the Lone Star official website will sometimes put coupons out for people to use. This will happen during the slow times during the year and these coupons are often for something very small, like a free appetizer.

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