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About the Golden Corral

Golden Corral is a restaurant that is near and dear to the hearts of many, because Golden Corral is a place for family, celebration and good times. The atmosphere of Golden Corral is friendly, cheerful and always teaming with many savory aromas that will undoubtedly make your stomach rumble and your mouth water. People from all walks of life enjoy coming to Golden Corral because it has such a welcoming atmosphere. They also appreciate Golden Corral’s great buffet prices. Having so many people gather and share a table with one another is what creates such a happy experience for Golden Corral’s customers. It is a place of togetherness and quite easily one of the best places you could choose to eat at.

Golden Corral began as a small, simple dine-in restaurant and quickly grew popular because of its friendly service, appetizing meal choices and casual atmosphere. Today, it is one of the largest bar and grill restaurant franchises in America. If you happen to be curious about their menu, the Golden Corral restaurant has a vast selection of foods to pick and choose from with all three meals of the day. You can come to Golden Corral for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dining Options

During breakfast hours, menu items range vary between the customary breakfast foods, such as omelets (bespoke), typical scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy and crispy slices of bacon. Also, you can even have your most beloved childhood picks, including French toast and chocolate chip pancakes. As a rule, breakfast hours are only honored on Saturday and Sunday mornings until 11:00 a.m. After breakfast is over, there is lunch and dinner. During lunch and dinner, Golden Corral provides a complete salad bar, a selection of different soups, steaming hot entrees and many different side dishes and breads. Of course, Golden Corral has a large area designated to deserts. There are several different cakes, cookies, brownies and delicious ice cream. When you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, you can be sure that Golden Corral is the place to go!

At the Golden Corral restaurant, there are ten different buffet foods known as “10-to-Win” items. As a rule, these are the most commonly eaten menu items, and they are thought to be the secret to success in all of the Golden Corral restaurants. The ten menu items consist of delicious yeast rolls, freshly baked pizza, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, meatloaf, hot rotisserie chicken, fried chicken and Bourbon Street chicken, their sumptuous “Awesome” pot roast, sirloin steak and of course, their famous carrot cake.

New Features

Just recently, Golden Corral came up with a concept referred to as the “Strata”, which was started in order to emphasize a greater point of focus in the food preparation amongst diners. Watching the chef operate the grills in plain sight became part of the fun of eating at Golden Corral. Each Golden Corral restaurant has guests help themselves to the food. People are also allowed to ask for special, custom food orders for menu items like omelets, their special Belgian waffles and of course, their freshly charbroiled USDA steaks.

Ways to Get Discount Codes and Promotional Coupons for the Golden Corral

If you are thinking of eating out at Golden Corral one of these days, you should check out their current promotional coupons. If you are a part of a military family and also have Bright House cable service, Golden Corral gives away one free coupon for a free lunch meal. They also have many in-house promotions that could have meal discounts in the form of coupons. There are the “buy one, get one free” coupons for their buffet and discounts available for specific foods at their buffet.

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