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Information on Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation restaurants are an amazing, healthy choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sweet Tomatoes, based out of San Diego, California, has 112 locations in 15 states, all across the West Coast, through some center states, and throughout most of the South, including a whopping 21 locations in Florida! Starting with just two stores in California, called Souplantation, the company expanded their healthy menu across the country, calling these new stores Sweet Tomatoes, a sweet name for a very sweet place!

This amazing restaurant prides itself on fresh food – within a day of picking, the fresh fruits and veggies of Sweet Tomatoes are in refrigerated trucks, on their way to local restaurants. Each day, talented cooks create every delicacy from scratch, with the finest, freshest ingredients. The fresh salad bar has over 50 ingredients, including prepared specialty salads, such as cesar and won ton chicken happiness. The cold salad bar also includes pasta salads, bean salads, and a variety of items that you can find there every day, as well as specialities that change each month.

The monthly themes at Sweet Tomatoes is nothing less than a celebration of food! For example, in April Sweet Tomatoes runs “lemon month,” where they offer delicious, fresh dishes, all flavored with lemon. These delectable dishes include favorites such as lemon chicken orzo soup, summer lemon with spiced pecans tossed salad, lemon cream with capers pasta, and tangy lemon muffins. February is potato month, there is also strawberry month, pineapple month and more! Visit and check the calendar for current monthly delights.

At Sweet Tomatoes, the idea is to let each guest create their own unique dining experience, choosing from the wide selection of fresh fruits, veggies, pastas and soups that are available. This unique dining experience is like no other buffet; the superior quality, amazing freshness, and unique combination of ingredients makes every visit to Sweet Tomatoes special. Every soup is made from scratch each morning, every muffin baked fresh – this restaurant is truly a feast for the taste buds.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes often prints amazing coupons in the circular of the local Sunday paper. These coupons usually offer buy one get one free, or get a meal for only $5.99 (nearly half price). While they do not provide coupons on their website, Sweet Tomatoes does have a discount club that people can join – it’s called Club Veg. Through this club, members are emailed printable discount coupons frequently, usually at least once a month, and always on the members birthday. Club Veg is free and easy to join, just visit With Club Veg, members can save up to $75 a year on the restaurants amazing buffet meals.

Sweet Tomatoes prides themselves on providing the freshest food, at value prices, allowing each guest to create a tailored meal specific to their tastes and dietary needs. The food is fresh, the drinks are cool, and the ice cream sundae bar is not to be missed! One lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, and you will already be planning your next visit, eager to come back for more! And with the amazing coupons available through Club Veg, and your local Sunday circular, you can afford to return again and again.

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