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About AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons, now more widely known as AARP, is an interest group and organization based in the United States. The group is not governmental and considers itself non-partisan, non-profit and dedicated to enhancing the life quality of elderly people. You must be age 50 or older to acquire a membership.

The company is a very powerful lobbying group in the United States, which frequently addresses issues that may effect older people. They lobby at both the national and state level. In 2006, AARP’s revenue was roughly one billion dollars and they spent twenty-three million on lobbying. AARP insists that they are non-partisan and do not give money to, support or oppose any political party. Additionally, AARP sells investment funds, insurance and other financial products. AARP is one of the largest organizations for people over 50 years old in the USA, claiming over thirty-five million members.

AARP Services manages a wide variety of services and products offered to members as benefits. Life event services, health products, leisure and travel products are just some benefits of AARP membership. More specific products are supplemental insurance, vacation packages, discounts on car rentals and pharmacy services. Many of these benefits cost a monthly fee or AARP gives a healthy percentage off the regular price.

Ways to Save with Coupons and Special Deals with your AARP Membership

AARP has many discount programs and endorses other discount programs that they are not apart of, but might help their members.

* AARP Prescription Discount Program
This program is offered through Walgreens Health Initiatives. An AARP member will receive discounts on all prescription medications that are approved by the FDA. Through Walgreens Mail Service, the medication can be delivered to your front door.

* AARP Fitness Discounts
AARP encourages their members to stay fit by offering many discounts to popular fitness centers and programs. You can save $50-$100 on the initial signup and up to 20% on the monthly dues. These discounts apply to Curves, Gold’s Gym, ACE Personal Training Sessions and the Walk at Home Fitness Program. You can also become a certified ACE Personal Trainer for 20% off exams and study materials.

* AARP Photo Center from Snapfish
Enter WEBBOOK25 and get 25% off any photobooks, courtesy AARP. Anyone can use this coupon, but members are eligible to receive 15% off any mail-order purchase, unlimited photo storage and 20 free prints for new users.

AARP’s official website lists many other ways to save on restaurants, travel, home and technology (such as security systems), health, name brand apparel and more.

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