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History of the Gillette Brand

Gillette is a brand born from the Procter and Gamble company, and is currently used for a line of safety razors. However, the brand’s reach extends to personal hygiene products as well. The brand is based in Boston Massachusetts, and is one of the several brands that were previously owned by The Gillette Company, who used to be a leading supplier of various brands. However, Procter and Gamble acquired the company in 2005. Gillette’s slogan has remained to be “The Best a Man Can Get”. The Gillette Company was founded in 1895 by King Camp Gillette to be a manufacturer of safety razors.

Proctor and Gamble finished purchasing the Gillette Company on October 1, 2005. The Gillette Company does not exist due to this merger. September 30, 2005 marked the company’s final day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The merger allowed Proctor and Gamble to become the world’s biggest personal care and household items company. The company also markets Oral-B, Duracell, and Braun, just to name a few.

Global Gillette was the name of the Proctor and Gamble unit that incorporated The Gillette Company’s assets. However, Global Gillette was done away with, and the brand was incorporated into Proctor and Gamble Household Care, and Procter and Gamble Beauty. The company divided Gillette products evenly between the two names.

The Gillette brand name has come to be synonymous with personal care products and shavers. Therefore, it is integral to the brand to incorporate some form of trademark protection. Otherwise, the public may not be able to distinguish the company’s products from its competitors. King Gillette applied for trademarks for the words shaving brushes, soap, razor blades, and razors on May 27, 1908. This move showed Gillette as an extremely smart businessperson, and secured his company’s place as one of the most prominent personal care companies in the world. These trademarks were filed under his company’s early name, Gillette Safety Razor Company. These trademarks were applied for each of the items, but in different categories. These categories included yarn and threads, undetermined, and meat and processed food products.

Each trademark was filed on the same date. However, they were granted entirely on different days. Currently, all of the Gillette Company’s trademarks are listed as expired.

History of the Gillette Razor

Safety razors, as in razors with a disposable blade, were introduced in 1902. Gillette had limited versions of this type. However, in 1934, Gillette introduced the Aristocrat. This was the first razor to incorporate a removable razor head. In 1947, the company introduced a new Super Speed model, which also featured the new design. In 1954, the designs were improved to facilitate closer shaving, and the closeness of the shave was indicated by the color of the razor’s handle. In 1958, the first adjustable razor was developed. This was revolutionary, because the blade could now be adjusted to the desired closeness. This model remained production until 1986.

Gillette currently maintains over 30 different types of razors. In addition, the company has added the Venus line of woman’s razors. Some of Gillette’s models include the Blue II, Mach3, Mach3 Turbo, M3Power, Gillette Fusion, Venus Embrace, the Fusion Power Phenom, among others.

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Gillette

Gillette razor blades are a fantastic way to get that clean face feeling. Therefore, a Gillette razor should be a part of any man or woman’s shaving arsenal. Gillette sends coupons to every 18-year-old male in the mail. In addition, Gillette’s website has great coupons that can discount their razors. Gillette also allows their coupons to be sent out in the local newspaper. A smart shopper can also look for Gillette coupons in the checkout isle of their favorite supermarket.

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