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History of Newport Cigarettes

There have been many different types of cigarettes over the years and certain companies have done their part to help create new sensations. Newport is one of those companies, as it was one of the first cigarette makers to produce menthol cigarettes. Newports came into existence in 1957 and are produced by the Lorillard Tobacco Company. Like so many of the popular tobacco brands, Newport began in North Carolina. Greensboro was its birthplace, which puts it a stone’s throw away from the famed “Tobacco Road” in that state. At first, this cigarette was marketed as an alternative to the popular brands. These days, people take advantage of Newport Cigarette coupons because of brand loyalty and cost.

People who use Newport Cigarette coupons are doing so primarily because they love the taste of menthol cigarettes. According to published reports, Newport controls almost half of the market share for all menthol cigarette sales in the United States. Additionally, surveys have shown that almost half of the total cigarettes purchased by African Americans in the United States were Newports in the last decade. These are some interesting facts, but it is clear that people of all races and creeds enjoy the taste of Newports and use Newport Cigarette coupons to get them for even cheaper than they already are.

It goes without saying that the specialty of this particular brand is the menthol niche. These cigarettes just have a different overall flavor and many people feel as if they are almost minty when you smoke them. For this reason, lots of folks will use Newport Cigarette coupons to pick up a pack of Newports when they are tired of the same old smells and tastes associated with their normal cigarettes. The nice thing about Newports that they have always tried to preserve is the traditional tobacco flavor in addition to the menthol flavor. They seek not to lose the tobacco taste when adding to extra flavors into the mix.

Geographic Data

Since Newports were originally developed in North Carolina, you might guess that they are still quite popular in that area of the country. That is absolutely true, but Newport is a national brand at this point in time. People can use Newport Cigarette coupons from coast to coast, though it is still probably true that the majority of these are sold in the South. Different retailers carry Newport cigarettes down there, so using Newport Cigarette coupons is much easier than it would be somewhere else.

Though there are no real “seasonal” celebrations where people can use their Newport Cigarette coupons, it is worth noting that on occasion, Newports will be tested out in certain states and cities for a limited time. These are big events for menthol cigarette lovers, since they get to try out the first batch of Newports to hit the market. Recently, Pennsylvania and Georgia have been two of the states where the experimental Newport flavors have been available to people with Newport Cigarette coupons. That is something cool that cigarette lovers have to look forward to.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for Newport Cigarettes

Finding Newport Cigarette coupons requires one to use more offline methods than online methods. Simply put, there are not all that many online resources for these cigarettes. Newspapers and sales papers have been known to have Newport Cigarette coupons offline, though, so checking these in your area is a good way to get started. It is smart to also search for Newport Cigarette coupons in the grocery store coupon papers that are handed out when you enter local stores. Since many Newports are available in these spots, you can do well there.

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