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History of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a pretty standard household item for people worldwide. Not only does it clean our teeth, but it also helps prevent bad breath and gum disease. In combination with the action of the toothbrush, toothpaste strongly promotes oral hygiene. Although the earliest known possibilities of toothpaste existed in Egypt in the 4th century, the idea of toothpaste did not become general practice until the 19th century. The Greeks and Romans both worked together experimenting with items ranging from crushed bones and oyster shells to perfect the tooth cleanser. The Americans and British also worked together, with one particular recipe containing burnt bread surfacing over time.

By the 1900s, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda were combined to create a paste that would soon become marketable. In 1892, the collapsible tube was invented by Dr. Washington Sheffield of Connecticut. His idea came from painters that were using tubes to dispense paint. By 1896, Colgate and Co. had begun selling their own toothpaste using the collapsible tubes. In 1914, fluoride was added to toothpaste, and in 1955, Crest began selling toothpaste containing fluoride. Since that time, numerous companies have created their own versions of toothpaste.

Toothpaste comes in many different colors and flavors. Typically some sort of mint flavor is often used, but there are also some more unique flavors like bubblegum, and even toothpaste that is unflavored. Although many people have their favorite flavor or brand of toothpaste, overall most toothpaste brands have received excellent ratings and are fairly equal in quality. The type of toothpaste a person chooses to buy is based on many factors including brand, flavor, overall quality and price.

How to Find Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Special Deals on Toothpaste

Colgate is still a very popular brand of toothpaste today. They produce a very wide array of types of toothpaste including those for whitening, those for maximum freshness, those for cavity prevention, those for tartar protection, and those specifically for kids, to name a few. Colgate coupons can often be found in your local Sunday paper, inside coupon booklets such as SmartSource or RedPlum. By visiting their “Special Offers” page on their website. Currently, you can access a $.75 coupon from that webpage. By joining the “Smile Talk Community” you can gain access to special offers and information for members only.

Crest is another well-known brand of toothpaste, marketed by Proctor and Gamble. Similar to Colgate, they also offer numerous types of toothpaste with many different specialties. By going to the “Coupons” page of their website you can find offers to save money when buying Crest. Since P & G is the company responsible for Crest, you can also find coupons in P & G Savers, which often come in the Sunday paper.

Aquafresh is yet another type of toothpaste available to consumers. Very equal in comparison to Colgate and Crest, many of the same options are available for whatever your dental needs may be. There is a special “Savings and Special Offers”section to their website as well. Currently you can find coupons ranging from $.50 to $1.00 off of many of their popular types of toothpaste. Make sure you check your coupons from your local paper as well.

Toothpaste is a necessity for every family. Depending on your preferred type of toothpaste, it should be easy to find coupons that help you save money for something that you absolutely have to buy. There are also many other brands of toothpaste available, but coupons may not be as prevalent for some lesser name brands.

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