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History of OneTouch Test Strips

The OneTouch Test Strip was developed by LifeScan, which is a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson corporation. LifeScan’s stated mission is to allow persons with disabilities to live a life without limits, and the OneTouch was intended to allow them to check their blood sugar levels without drawing a significant quantity of blood. Many previous systems required drawing a significant amount of blood in order to get an accurate reading, whereas the OneTouch system requires only a very tiny quantity of blood, usually a single drop. This is complemented with a series of especially small lancets developed specifically for the OneTouch system, which not only draws a very tiny amount of blood; it prevents damage to the finger.

The point of this was specifically to allow musicians, typists, and other persons who must use their fingers constantly to avoid injury or infection due to the open wounds left from their blood testing. This was most exemplified by B.B. King, who advertised the product and demonstrated how it was so small and so painless that it did not interfere with his ability to play the blues guitar.

The OneTouch Ultra currently epitomizes the OneTouch system. This small device takes the chemical information read off of a OneTouch strip that has been activated by a small amount of blood. The single-use strip can be read in as little as five seconds, allowing a diabetic to receive an immediate reading. Since both the strip and the accompanying lancet are sterile and single-use, they are extremely hygienic and ideal for preventing infection. The small amount of blood drawn, along with the extremely tiny hole, is also useful in preventing infection since it will clot immediately and not remain open for infection. OneTouch strips are rapidly becoming the test of choice among diabetics; especially those who choose an active lifestyle and must constantly monitor their blood pressure.

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As the OneTouch strips must constantly be replaced, the cost of keeping them in stock can be considerable. They are, however, covered by most insurance plans. The individual strips are relatively inexpensive and sold in lots of 100, 500 and 1000 to help minimize cost through bulk purchasing. Persons using MediCare or MedicAid in the United States can receive them for free or at an extreme discount. It is also possible to join diabetic savings clubs which use their bulk purchasing power to drive prices down even lower, and many of these clubs will ship resupply packages on a monthly basis, removing the need for frequent trips to a Pharmacy. Canadians can receive OneTouch strips as part of the national health program, but they are also available for private sale to diabetics.

Those who cannot join a group or government plan should talk to their doctor in order to receive coupons for more strips. Many doctors are given promotional coupons to pass on to their patients, and often it is possible to receive several months worth of strips for free during a visit to the doctor. There are also a number of coupons available online and through the mail direct from the manufacturer. LifeScan routinely gives away large numbers of the strips in order to help promote the sale of the OneTouch Ultra system to read them, and the OneTouch Ultra system itself includes a number of sample strips and a coupon offering a discount on additional strips. Many retailers also offer regular discounts, especially at the end of the month, as advertised online and through mail circulars. This is the best, and may be the only, way for persons without insurance to purchase OneTouch strips at a discount.

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    Joy MilesJanuary 4, 2012 at 11:51 am#

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  43. Sandra Paradiso February 3, 2012 at 4:17 am #

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    I have type 1 and am in extreme need of coupons for free one touch ultra test strips. I was in the hospital with a blood sugar of 14 due to not being able to test due to cost of these strips. Please email me anything on what you can do for me.. I really appreciate anything free or $$ off.. Thanks

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    i have alot off medicines i have to buy any coupons for one touch ultra test strips or proair inhaler would be appreciated.

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  58. Gail August 16, 2012 at 2:04 am #

    I was trying to find some better deals on test strips and free is always good. I would love some coupons if possible. I can understand why some people with this disease dont test on a regular basis. These strips are costly and most at least not mine doesnt cover them. Im sure there are plenty that would take better care of themselves if they could check daily, I also understand that a better eating plan can also help. I just found out that I am pre-diabetic and at the cost of strips I hope that I can make changes to not need to use them.
    Thank you I know you cant help everyone but coupons are really good

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