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The rising costs present in today’s economy with regard to healthcare and tobacco products, most notably cigarettes, has lead to a dramatic increase in the amount people who want to quit smoking. Nicoderm is a product designed to help people in quitting process. The health benefits of not smoking are proven by a long list of facts and research, the problem is many smokers are addicted to nicotine. Nicoderm CQ offers a way to supply nicotine to the body without the harmful effects of smoking to aid in the decrease of withdrawal effects in the stop smoking process. As any smoker can attest the quitting process is tough and often results in failure without aid and support. However, having some help to smooth the transition to a smoke free life can be critical to success.

Nicoderm CQ is a patch that is placed pretty much anywhere on the skin. The Nicoderm CQ website,, suggests not placing the patch on a joint area, knee or elbow, as the patch will likely have trouble sticking. The patch allows for nicotine to be passed into the system on a gradual basis. Nicoderm itself has been around for years and has helped many people stop smoking successfully. The actual patch has gone through several design changes, with the latest version, the ThinFlex, being thinner and more flexible. This allows for the patch to stay in place. According to their website, the formulation of the product has not changed.

Nicoderm CQ is available in three different varieties. The varieties are ranked according to nicotine content, with one being the highest and three being the lowest. Since each step of the product contains less and less nicotine, eventually over time the body acclimates to not having nicotine in its’ system. This results in a higher success rate for those wishing to quit smoking. As the website clearly states in the frequently asked questions section, Nicoderm CQ is not designed for smokeless tobacco or pipe or cigar smoking. Of course when in doubt, potential consumers should seek a valid professional medical opinion before starting any smoking cessation program. Again, the Nicoderm CQ website provides a number of tools to assist every smoker in quitting this deadly habit.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Nicoderm

Nicoderm CQ coupons are available at the website The site features a downloadable five dollar off coupon. A sample patch that does not include nicotine is available via mail along with seven dollars in money saving coupons. The site also features links to the companies promotions as rewards for quitting smoking. These promotions occur at various time throughout the year, watch the site for details as they come available. Great coupons for Nicoderm CQ are also generally available through the usual Sunday Newspaper and direct mail coupon circular channels, and the product is often featured as a sale item throughout the year at various national and regional retailers. All things considered, the money that can be saved by not smoking will eventually greatly outweigh the short term cost of this product. With all the help that is available just at, there has never been a better time to try to quit smoking.

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