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Salem cigarettes were introduced in 1956 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They were the first filter-tipped menthol cigarette on the market and has been one of the best selling cigarette brands in the US for since the 1970s. Today, they sell several varieties: black, green, light and ultra light. Black is the strongest and green is regular.

“You can take Salem out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of Salem” was Salem’s slogan during the late 1960’s, but it was later switched to “Springtime! It happens every Salem” to connect the fresh, menthol taste of the cigarettes to the outdoors and nature in general. Up until the 1990s, Salem packaging stayed relatively the same. When it changed, one of the main differences was that a single cigarette with a dark green filter was included in every pack. This cigarette is referred to as “the Lucky” and is supposed to be smoked last, an idea that became popular enough to spawn several urban legends claiming that horrible deaths resulted from smoking the Lucky out of order.

In the past decade, Salem cigarettes sponsored the ATP tennis tournament in Hong Kong and had it renamed the Salem Open. As well as this tennis open which has attracted many of the best pro tennis players in the world, Salem cigarettes has also sponsored other events, such as concerts, in the Hong Kong area. In 2001, however, the sponsored ship ended as some fans viewed it as controversial.

Salem is also known for their manufacturing of a “clean cigarette,” as they called it. The Salem Pianissimo was specifically created to be sold in Japan where RJR (a.k.a. R.J. Reynolds) thought the culture of cleanliness would appreciate a cigarette that smelled less strongly. Unfortunately, when introduced to the US, American’s overwhelmingly found the tobacco in Salem Pianissimo to be horrible tasting.

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The best way to get Salem cigarette coupons is to call the RJR company and request to be put on their mailing list. Because of the laws restricting tobacco companies most cigarette companies only provide coupons to people who submit proof verification forms and sign up for their mailing list. Contact Salem at 800-433-4000. Their website is another to submit age verification and sign up for their mailing list. Go to and click “sign up.”

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for Salem coupons (and cigarette coupons in general) is that many of them will have the name of whoever requests them. Therefore, it is important that the name used to sign up for mailing lists and other coupon opportunities is a legal name and matches what is on the driver’s license or other ID.

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