Venus Razor Blade Refill Coupons

Gillette Venus Background

Although The Gillette Company had been around since 1895, its safety razor market focused primarily on men. Oftentimes, women were forced to use their husbands’ razors or cheap disposables. The company introduced the Gillette Sensor for Women in the 90s, and was the first of its kind on the market. It was a refillable, two blade razor with a wider head than the original Sensor. Then, in November of 2000, Gillette created the Venus, the first three blade refillable razor for women. Designed to be a variant to the Mach 3 for men, the Venus featured an ergonomic handle, unique oval head, and a case for which to store the razor and refill cartridges. The cartridges themselves had honeycomb-like cushions above and below the line of blades, to help smooth the skin during shaving. The head also pivoted, meaning that shaving underarms and bikini areas would be less cumbersome and possibly less painful. Each refill cartridge came individually sealed as a safety feature for case storage. The Venus was covered under 50 patents and cost over $300 million dollars to bring to the market. The Gillette Venus was put on the market in April 2001 and was expected to bring new growth to the Gillette Company’s womens market. In 2003, Venus was available as “Passion”, a pink version of the original Venus, and “Spa” in three new, bright colors. In 2004 Gillette improved upon the original Venus with the Venus Divine. The Divine was designed to allow a closer shave in sensitive areas, complete with an essential oil moisture strip. Also in 2004, Venus Vibrance was introduced as a counterpart to Gillette’s M3 Power. In 2007, Gillette again broke ground with the Venus Breeze. The Venus Breeze incorporated shaving gel bars into the cartridge heads, thus removing the need for a second product. Finally, in 2008, Gillette introduced the first female razor with five blades: the Venus Embrace.

Most Popular Products

In 2009, CosmoGIRL voted the Venus Embrace the best razor choice for all-over shaving, and was voted one of Cosmo’s top 100 beauty product “must-haves”. Allure Magazine gave the Venus Embrace the 2009 Editor’s Choice Award for “Best in Beauty”. People Magazine touted the Venus Embrace as the economical choice versus waxing for continuously smooth legs. The Embrace was also a winner of the 2009 Brides Beauty Awards. For disposables, the Venus Spa Breeze was voted “Best Disposable Razor” by

Where to Get Coupons

The best way to get coupons or samples pertaining to Venus razors is to visit the marketing website for Proctor & Gamble, There, the consumer can sign up for the P&G Brand Sampler, which will entitle him or her to receive a variety of sample products by Proctor & Gamble. Consumers may also find a P&G coupon book in their Sunday paper. If the consumer has a P&G eSAVER shopping card, he or she may pick out the coupons he or she would like to load onto the card, all from the Proctor & Gamble website. Currently, Proctor & Gamble do not offer printable coupons from their website.

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