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Background Information on American Spirit

These filter types are: Non-Filter (Tan), Regular Filter (Cyan), Medium/Charcoal Filter (Celadon), Light Filter (Yellow), Ultra Light Filter (Yellow and White), Menthol Filter (Green), Menthol Light Filter (Green and White), Organic Filter (Maroon and Gold), Organic Light Filter (Gold), and Perique (Black).

Perique is a stronger type of tobacco from the state of Louisiana. It’s known for its powerful and fruity aroma. American Spirit cigarettes are sold throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Ways to Save On American Spirit

The American Spirit website is the best place for American Spirit coupons. You can then sign up with all your information, and you will receive promotional offers in the mail every few months. As a special offer for being a new member of their website, you will receive two free $10 gift certificates by mail in 2-6 weeks after sign up. This promotion can only be redeemed once per household. Just log on to the website, go to the top of the page and click on GIFT CERTIFICATE OFFER. There you will be able to sign up for your American Spirit coupons.

The $20 in free gift certificates you receive can be used like cash to purchase American Spirit cigarettes at participating locations. There is no other purchase required to get your $20 worth of free coupons. This is designed to let you try American Spirit cigarettes, and become familiar with the different varieties they offer. You will have a chance to get these free gift certificates once per household, per year, while you are a member of their free website. You can see when the offer will become available again to you by logging on to the website and going to the top and clicking on GIFT CERTIFICATE OFFER. There you will see a date, which is the date you are eligible to receive another $20 worth of free gift certificates.

Where to Use the Certificates

Some stores will not accept these types of coupons so you are better off calling ahead. Cigarette shops, smoke shops, and other stores specializing in tobacco are more likely to participate in this promotion than your average liquor store or supermarket. These coupons are only available on the website, and they do not normally offer downloadable gift certificates, or in-store coupons.

After your initial $20 in gift certificates, you can expect to receive offers by regular mail every few months. Some of the coupons you may receive include, Buy One Get One Free on American Spirit cigarettes, $1.50 Off One Pack, and similar offers. Like the gift certificates, these can only be used at places that are participating in these types of promotions.

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