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Kleenex tissues are so popular today that, irregardless of what tissue brand people are talking about, they refer to it as a kleenex. It has practically become a universal word. So, how did the Kleenex franchise begin? It all started with the Kimberly-Clark company in the middle of World War I, when a tissue material called “cellucotton” was invented. During the war, this specially formulated material was integrated into gas mask filters to function as a substitute for cotton. Cellucotton, being in such high demand at the time, was primarily used as a surgical gauze.

This lead to a greater recognition in the public for Kimberly-Clark, and it was in the year of 1924 that the Kleenex tissue brand name was first presented to stores. However, the Kleenex tissue was initially created to function as an instrument that eliminated cold cream and not as a disposable tissue for blowing your nose. The very first advertisements for Kleenex associated the product with Hollywood makeup divisions. There were even instances in which the Kleenex brand was endorsed by famous film celebrities that used Kleenex to wash away the theatrical makeup they wore with cold cream.

With the advent of the year 1926, the head of the Kleenex company, Kimberly-Clark, was soon fascinated at the amount of mail coming in from customers who entailed the way they were using their tissues as a one-use handkerchief. This eventually lead to the test that was performed with the local Peoria, Illinois newspaper. Advertisements were printed that portrayed the two central functions of a Kleenex tissue. You could either use it as a way to wipe off cold cream from your face or as a throwaway handkerchief you used to blow your nose. Along with these comparisons, the ad requested that its readers send in their preferences. When the results were finally tallied up, it was revealed that approximately 60% of their readers used Kleenex tissues to blow their nose.

In 1928, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation invented the now very familiar Pop-Up cartons we use today, and it was an immediate success from the very start. The “pop-up” concept never outgrew itself, and we still see the same boxes sitting on our store shelves today. Once 1930 rolled in, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation had completely reinvented the way it promoted Kleenex tissues. Sales and revenue increased twofold, confirming that old adage that says “the customer is always right”. The Kimberly-Clark Corporation also came up with a new slogan for their radical product: “Don’t carry a cold in your pocket”. The whole concept of Kleenex tissues being used to remove makeup was eliminated entirely as this new idea of the disposable handkerchief emerged in the public arena.

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As their new product’s popularity increased, the Kleenex company would also acquire fame for their creative advertisements in various comic strips, cartoons and magazine adverts. More and more celebrities were willing to endorse the Kleenex brand name, and the public absolutely loved it. These tissues were invaluable, easy to carry, convenient and very well-priced. Things haven’t changed that much since that time, and you can even get your hands on some Kleenex coupons. As of right now, the Kleenex company is offering several promotional offers to its customers, so be sure to take advantage of them! Currently, you can save up to $0.50 on three packages of Kleenex, or you can use the coupon with your purchase of one bundle pack of Kleenex. This is an excellent deal, especially in light of the fact that Kleenex tissues are already so inexpensive. Kleenex is definitely a product that no one should be without!

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