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Virginia Slims Phillip Morris USA manufactures the brand of cigarettes specially intended for women, called Virginia Slims. This brand, launched in 1968, was marketed and targeted to professional young women with the slogan of “You’ve come a long way, baby.” The resulting fast increase in teenage girls’ smoking was directly attributed to the introduction of this brand, by certain watch groups.

Another campaign used later was “It’s a woman thing,” and also “Find your voice.” in the 1990s. However, the US Surgeon General discredited what he felt was the manufacturer’s selfish attempt to link the marketing campaigns of this cigarette to a woman’s striving for empowerment, emancipation and freedom.

The cigarette is longer and narrower compared to ordinary cigarettes, hence the reason for the nickname “slims”. The length comes in 120mm and 100mm lengths as opposed to 84mm length of other cigarettes. The diameter is just 23mm as opposed to the larger diameter width in the standard cigarette. Virginia Slims are sold in four different varieties, menthol, ultra-light, light and superslims. It is packaged in a white box that displays colored stripes down the left side.

The company Phillip Morris USA, is the tobacco division of the Altria Group Inc. which was created in 2003 when the Phillip Morris Companies Inc. changed its name. After the change in name, the Altria Group Inc. still maintained 100% ownership of Philip Morris USA. It was in 1854 that Phillip Morris first began making cigarettes, on Bond Street in London, England. It was not until 1902 that the company became incorporated in the US. It happened that in 1919, the company’s business partner and its heirs sold the company to a US company.

Major diversification of the company began in 1969, when Miller Brewing was purchased by the company, followed by 7-Up in 1978, then by RJ Reynolds in 1983, also Maxwell House Coffee in 1985, and Kraft Foods in 1988. The company’s revenue continued to climb after each acquisition, and then in 2000, its estimated sales have reached $80 billion a year.

Phillip Morris extends generously to charities annually; it provides as much as $15 million for food donations to help the fight against domestic violence and also hunger and additionally provides $60 million cash for the cause. It lends annual support for the arts and its employees contribute as much as $5 million annually to various charities.


Virginia Slims sponsors The Virginia Slims Tennis Tournaments annually; the first was located in Houston, Texas in 1989, and the prize money offered then was a mere $7,500. Currently the Virginia Slims World Championship Series which consists of over 60 such tournaments across the globe with prize money estimated to be about $17 million.

Company sponsored events include, Marlboro Hot laps racing or Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana, where visitors can experience what life was like in the old American west, while visiting its 18,000 acre ranch. These events are help in agreement with Tobacco Settlement Agreements, which restrict attendance to adult guests who are able to verify their identity and age with valid, government issues ids. The minimum age must be met for the legal purchase or possession of cigarettes.

Coupons can be obtained through the company’s website. A rigorous application form has to be completed in order to sign up to be eligible for these Virginia Slims special offers and coupons. The sign up is only available to individuals over the age of 21 years and living in the United States. The application process requires the applicant to provide all information on any valid government id.

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Virginia Slims

Searching online for discounts and coupons, a consumer may locate the names, addresses and phone numbers of local outlets that sell the cigarettes at discounted prices.

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