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Jewel Osco Background Information

Jewel Osco is a regional supermarket and grocery chain primarily in the Chicagoland area. Jewel Osco also has a presence in Iowa, Indiana and the rest of Illinois in addition to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Jewel Osco is known for providing a one stop shop for grocery as well as pharmacy and other purchases. Jewel is the grocery side of the store and Osco is the pharmacy side, but both are open to each other within the interior when combined.

Jewel Osco is well known for its selection of fresh produce, fine meats, a full selection of fresh and frozen foods. Jewel even has some very large locations with a full dining area for customers and a wide selection of freshly prepared foods. One example is the second story dining at the Roosevelt and State Street location in Chicago. A wide selection of deli and other foods can be found and consumed right there at the store. This is a busy location, especially at lunchtime, and is a popular meeting spot for Chicago Police, Chicago Fire, and local professionals to gather for a bite of fresh food, whether their taste is salad or seafood.

Osco is known for its complete line of pharmaceuticals, convenient hours and fast, excellent service. Service is about community, and Jewel Osco is known for its sense of community, whatever the season, like when it had Rafael Perez conduct cooking demonstrations in the Chicago area last Christmas. Jewel Osco is known for its hiring of professional chefs to share recipe ideas with shoppers no matter the season. Jewel Osco employees always seem ready to lend a helping hand, and the stores are clean and well maintained. Most are at prime locations that are easy to find, such as the store at Roosevelt and State Street above, or the store in Lakeview. There are also some very large Jewel Osco stores in the suburbs that offer shoppers a full selection and excellent hours.

Finding Coupons and Special Deals for use at Jewel Osco

Great deals are to be found on many products at everyday low prices, but there are also great coupons to be found in Chicago area newspapers as well as flyers and mailings. Most residents of the Chicago area get valuable coupons in the mail from Jewel Osco. also offers shoppers the chance to view and print coupons for use at Jewel Osco stores, highlighting special offers.

Jewel Osco also offers a Preferred Card program that offers members savings on many products in the store. A Preferred Card is simply scanned at the register and the customer receives the discount. There are many excellent values to be found at Jewel Osco when using coupons and member savings. Coupons can be conveniently found online at Jewel Osco’s main website or found in a variety of major newspapers and local publications offering great savings for shoppers.

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