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History of ThermaCare

If you have muscle or joint pain, you have likely tried different products and therapies to relieve your pain. ThermaCare HeatWraps are popular products used in the treatment of body pain. Fortunately, these drug-free patches have coupons available so you can save money while seeking relief.

About ThermaCare Products

Wyeth, now Pfizer manufactures ThermaCare products. ThermaCare HeatWraps treat different types of body pain, including joint, muscle, menstrual and arthritis pain. ThermaCare products work using low level heat therapy. Their advantage over other forms of heating products is their portability. The patches are thin and adhere to your body or clothes. Water bottles are bulky and heat pads require an outlet or a microwave to work. ThermaCare products allow the pain sufferer to move about the go back to their daily life while receiving therapy. This provides the mental benefits of controlling your own pain management treatment. In addition, the person can return to work while receiving heat therapy.

ThermaCare products come in different shapes and sizes depending on the body part to be treated. The products intended for menstrual, neck, wrist, shoulder, knee and hand relief only come in one size. The products for the lower back and hip come in two sizes, depending on waist size. All of the products are disposable, but last for 8 hours or more.

Where to Get ThermaCare Products

ThermaCare products are available at most drugstores and discount stores. You will find them in the joint pain relief section along with other hot and cold therapies. ThermaCare is also available at online retailers such as and In addition to these larger retailers, you can find the products at

Get ThermCare Promotional Discounts, Special Deals, and Coupon Codes

ThermaCare coupons are available on the company website, For instance, you may find a coupon for $3 off of a HeatWrap. In addition to the manufacturer’s website, there are printable coupons available on most popular coupon sites for amounts starting at $1 off the products.

Newspapers and circulars have ThermaCare coupons all year long. If you do not find these in your local newspaper, you can use coupon exchanges (online or offline) to obtain coupons. Some coupon exchanges are free while some have small charges for the handling of the coupons.

Finally, if you shop at online retailers, you may be able to combine the coupons with sales going on at those stores. Some of these online stores participate in rewards programs, so you can get additional savings through those programs, too. Examples of rewards programs are and

Using coupons obtained online and offline, you can save money on ThermaCare products. Why pay full price for relief of your pain? You will likely need to use the patches for more than one day, so any kind of savings will help.

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