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Background Information about Marlboro Lights Cigarettes

Marlboro Lights are part of the Marlboro line of cigarettes, which includes 30 different varieties of cigarettes in both menthol and non-menthol flavors. Marlboro cigarettes are made in the United States by Philip Morris USA, which is a branch of Altria. Outside the United States, they are made by Philip Morris International, which is not associated with Altria. They are best known for their famous advertisements featuring the Marlboro Man, a cowboy figure.

The cigarette brand was named in honor of Great Marlborough Street, which was the location of the company’s first factory in London. Their largest cigarette plant is now located in Richmond, Virginia. London-based cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris created a subsidiary in New York in the early 1900s. This subsidiary was created to sell their different brands of cigarettes, including Marlboro. By 1924, Marlboro was advertised as a woman’s cigarette, using a “Mild As May” slogan to appeal to this audience.

The Marlboro brand continued with this marketing strategy until the outbreak of World War II. During this time, sales of the brand declined, and it was temporarily discontinued from production. After the war, three brands developed a firm hold on the American cigarette market. The brands had been supplied for free to US soldiers during the war, which developed brand loyalty for Lucky Strike, Camel, and Chesterfield.

History of Marlboro

In 1955, Philip Morris began to manufacture filtered cigarettes in response to the stories in Readers Digest that linked cigarette smoking and cancer. The new Marlboro filtered cigarette was launched, and a few years later in the 1960s, Philip Morris created the “Marlboro Country” and “Marlboro Man” ad campaign. The ads featured manly, rugged cowboys, creating an identity that Marlboro was a man’s cigarette.

Marlboro also became known as a motor racing sponsor, sponsoring Formula One racing teams dating back to 1972. They have sponsored IndyCars and races throughout the world, although this sponsorship has either been eliminated or drastically declined following many bans on tobacco advertisements, including sponsorships, throughout the world. In a few cases, Marlboro continued sponsoring the teams, but was not allowed to display their name or logos on the cars.

Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Ways to Save on Marlboro Lights Cigarettes

With the increase in regulations surrounding tobacco advertisements, coupons for Marlboro Lights are not found in as many places as they once were. Today, the most likely place to obtain coupons is to register on their web site. Once you certify that you are a smoker of legal age and a US resident, you can register to receive coupons and special offers directly from Marlboro and Philip Morris.

Another way to obtain Marlboro Lights coupons is to participate in smokers’ surveys. These surveys typically are interested in brand popularity and loyalty, but they may also be polling public opinion about legal issues. These surveys typically increase when there is a major regulation change being considered that affects smokers.

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