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Prescription Costs and Ways to Save

Prescription medications are a necessary expense for millions of people. Health insurance coverage is not always set up to accommodate the illnesses or unforeseen sicknesses that arise among developed societies. The manufacturers of prescription medications have been known to keep prices of their brand name medications high, which creates a problem in the market for patients bound to those medications. Advertising for prescription medications has increased to exponential proportions over recent years, reflecting a change in the philosophies of the common citizen and their attention to healthcare options. For this reason, as the market for medication has expanded, the competitive nature of prescription drug manufacturers has created research races and copyright infringement lawsuits.

The competitive nature of the prescription drug industry works against the consumer in as many ways as for the consumer. Research, though much more positive in mission than advertising, puts equal strains on a company’s bottom-line. The financial implications of research are passed on to the customer. Research is a costly endeavor and requires financing to exorbitant degrees for scientists and technologically innovative equipment. Though research eventually leads to the discovery and treatment of many afflictions through prescription medication, it is a costly practice to the manufacturer and one they will often use to justify high pricing.

Insurance companies that offer prescription coverage will cover some of the most commonly prescribed medications, generally at a flat-dollar or percentage-based copayment. For those without insurance, pharmacies will charge what the manufacturer has deemed the wholesale or ingredient cost. A pharmacy must collect a certain amount of money on a transaction to justify, cost-wise, the dispensation of a medication to a customer or patient. For this reason, manufacturers and other organizations working in favor of the patient regularly create coupons, discounts and offers to make prescription products more affordable.

Prescription Discount Codes and Coupons, Ways to Find Them Online

Prescription coupons are some of the most sought after coupons on paper and on the internet. One common way to distribute prescription coupons or vouchers is to include, with the packaging of a previous prescription purchase, rebate slips that can be mailed in or taken to the pharmacy for the next supply of medication. Physician’s offices often carries rebate slips and sample supplies of medications to get a patient started on a therapy, and some companies will complement such a practice with free trial periods for new users. Patients who seek to obtain printable coupons on-line would be best served by using the larger, certified distributors of such documents.

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