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About Shick

Schick has been recognized for years as a leading manufacturer of razors for both men and women. The company first came into existence due to the ingenuity of U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick. During a break from his military service, he came up with his first design for a ‘dry shaver’. Later he developed a design that included the storing of replacement blades in the handle of the razor. This design began production in 1926. Over the course of many years, many evolutions of razors and of the company itself, we come to today’s products.

The name Schick has become synonymous with quality razors. The Quattro line is one of their most popular. This line includes the Quattro disposable for women, designed with four synchronized blades for a wonderfully close shave. There is also the sleek Quattro Midnight, with the same four blade design, in a slim, all black look. There is even an ‘on the go’ model, complete with a custom travelling case, a must have for every woman who travels.

Where to Find the Schick Quattro

The Schick Quattro line of products can be found in most grocery store and drugstore chains. As any savvy shopper should, be sure to watch your weekly newspaper for manufacturer’s coupons. Several drugstore chains also have shopper rewards programs that can add to your savings. For example, Walgreens has Register Rewards. Members of the program receive instant rebates at the register. No bothersome rebate forms to fill out. No waiting for your rebates to be delivered in six to eight weeks. Watch for Walgreen’s circular regularly to see when any Schick products are included. Another type of rewards program is found at CVS Pharmacy. Their program is called ExtraCare Rewards. With this program, shoppers earn back a percentage of every purchase they make. Combine this with a close eye on their weekly circulars offering instant additional savings, and you’re sure to find great deals on all your shopping needs, including Schick products.

Be sure to visit regularly to get an update on the latest and greatest razors available from Schick. The site is filled with useful information, including detailed descriptions of many of their current products. You’ll also find a history of the company, some facts and myths about shaving, and lots of tips on getting the best shave possible. You may even find occasional coupons on their official site.

Get Money Saving Coupons and Coupon Codes for the Schick Quattro

The savviest shoppers must use all resources available to find the best deals. Be sure to use your favorite search engine and seek out Schick Quattro coupons. Check with your neighborhood drugstore, pharmacy or grocery store to see if you can participate in any of their shopper rewards programs. Scour your weekly circulars for coupons and sales. Popular products like Schick Quattro razors are regularly included in sales promotions, so you’re sure to find deals and coupons if you are diligent.

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