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Dick’s Sporting Goods, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, began as a small bait and tackle shop offering little more than fishing supplies. Through decades of acquisitions, expansion and corporate maneuvering, Dick’s has grown into one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world. Sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores currently surpass those of The Sports Authority, another well-known merchant of sporting goods. Dick’s boasts a wider selection than any other national chain, with a competitive pricing strategy to keep customers coming through the doors as opposed to searching for deals on-line. Dick’s is a national chain with an emphasis on fitting into the neighborhood environment without being obtrusive and overwhelming. Dick’s contributes to neighborhood organizations and helps to support many collateral associations intended to support overall health and physical activity in American citizens of all ages.

Dick’s Sporting goods is unique in the sense that its selection encompasses nearly every popular sport practiced. The stores, which all follow a similar model for layout and inventory, are broken into sections representing different sports and environments. Dick’s is noted for its sales and specials, running weekly and seasonally, which are advertised in local newspapers and publications. Sporting goods and sport-specific clothing are displayed alongside accessories for any imaginable athletic venture.

The golf, hunting and fishing, exercise and running merchandise selections at Dick’s are greater than that of any other major chain. Dick’s hunting and fishing gear is separate from the rest of the store with its own register and knowledgeable staff. In addition to guns, bows, clothes and hunting accessories, the lodge section of Dick’s Sporting Goods contains canoes, tree stands and other big ticket items for purchase on-site. The advantage of purchasing a product after examining its fittings in person is obvious and significant.

Golf Section

The golf section in the store is run in a similar fashion, and Dick’s offers potential customers the opportunity to swing a selection of clubs before making a purchase. Employees in the golf section are knowledgeable about the game to extents that they are able to help customers pick clubs catered to their desires. There is a vast, continually rotating selection of clubs, clothes, balls and bags in the golf section that keeps with the newest releases from all major manufacturers. Options for children and women are prevalent in the golf and hunting sections of every Dick’s store, further complementing the franchise’s philosophy that sports are to be enjoyed by everyone in a comfortable, safe fashion.

Find Dicks Sporting Goods Promotional Discount and Coupon Codes

Coupons for Dick’s Sporting Goods stores are available through a number of major coupon retailers on-line with printable and mail options. Dick’s is known to release a weekly mailing specific to discounts, coupons and specials in a specific region or store. Mailings can be found on-line through www.dickssportinggoods.com by any consumer who knows the store at which they will be making a purchase.

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