Planet Fitness Coupons

Planet Fitness Coupons

Planet Fitness History

If you’re overweight, new to fitness, or have other circumstances that make you feel awkward at a fitness gym, you need to go see Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness acknowledges one of the most detrimental qualities of fitness gyms: the stares, gawks, laughs, and other intimidating judgments people face when they take a bold step to improve their bodies and lives. That’s why Planet Fitness is revolutionary: they have a “Judgment Free Zone” policy that promotes respect among all their clients regardless of what shape they are in.

Since 1992, Planet Fitness has catered to the needs of the beginner in fitness, encouraging the more experienced, hard core body builders to strut around at the more famous big chain gyms. At Planet Fitness, there are not exaggerated sounds of pain, slamming weights or public ridicule. This business model has proven to address a serious need in the exercise industry, as attested by Planet Fitness’ long term success. In fact, a well publicized incident where a member was dismissed for grunting during a workout demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a non-intimidating atmosphere in its locations. Another way Planet Fitness discourages the bodybuilder type of client is by limiting the weight available to lift, trying to make their locations unappealing to the experienced weight lifters so their atmosphere will be conducive to learning, health, and fitness. Of the several hundred Planet Fitness locations in the United States, nineteen are owned by the corporation while the rest of them are franchise operations.

Another aspect of Planet Fitness is economy. The company wants to make it easy for people to begin a fitness program, so it does everything possible to keep costs low. They don’t have pushy sales people trying to get you to buy more expensive options. They don’t offer child care that adds to operating costs and liability. They have clean, basic, well equipped locations that are designed for the client’s comfort. The emphasis on client happiness is what has brought Planet Fitness enough business to grow into the Inc. 500 class of companies.

Planet Fitness has built upon a genuine desire to contribute to the needs of those who have never participated in fitness activities before. The people at Planet Fitness aren’t there to make people content with their overweight, out of shape bodies, but seek to motivate all their customers to develop an active lifestyle in a friendly atmosphere.

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People looking for Planet Fitness coupons should check their local newspapers for grand opening promotions and special discount opportunities. New customers should also contact their local Planet Fitness location to see what types of specials are going on at the time. The staff can also help you find Planet Fitness printable coupons online, should any be available at third party

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