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Adult incontinence is, at a minimum, embarrassing. Incontinence can affect lifestyles, can be a symptom of underlying health problems, or can be a temporary result of surgery, medications or childbirth. In 1980, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation launched the first marketed product for adult incontinence, Depend. Available as both liners and underwear, Depend can help avoid the unpleasantness associated with urinary or fecal eliminations at unwanted times.

In 1981, Kimberly-Clark featured television advertisements that addressed adult incontinence, considered at that time a taboo subject. June Allyson, a well-regarded, mature actress, spoke about incontinence with the advertising slogan, “Get back into life.”

The first Depend product was “genderless,” usable by men or women, a belted liner to be inserted inside regular underwear. In 1998, separate lines of disposable underwear were developed for men and for women, contoured to reflect physiological differences. These products are available in several absorbencies. In addition, Depend provides men’s and women’s inserts for extra protection. The men’s underwear style has extra layers of absorbent material in the front, and leg openings similar to men’s briefs. The women’s underwear style has a wider leg opening and extra layers of absorbent material along the center and back for leakage protection. Men’s and women’s tabbed, adjustable underwear for easy removal is also available.

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation was founded in 1872 in Neenah, Wisconsin, by John Kimberly, Charles Clark, Franklyn Shattuck and Havilah Babcock. The company invested in paper mills and manufactured paper in the first thirty years of its business. Then, in 1914, Kimberly-Clark hired a European scientist who experimented with creped cellulose wadding. From this came the development of cellu-cotton, used in bandages in World War I, and later became a primary material used in Kotex and Kleenex products, both of which were introduced in the 1920’s. In 1929, Kimberly-Clark Corporation became listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

During the 1950’s, continued expansion of the company resulted in operation of several overseas plants. Innovations in paper products included one-time use surgical gowns, and a marketing gimmick, the paper dress. The company also developed a disposable diaper, the Kimbie. By the 1970’s, it had launched Huggies diapers. It developed a super-absorbent material, ABSORB-LOC Plus which is used in the Depend products.

The corporate headquarters moved from Wisconsin to Texas in 1985. In 1995, Kimberly-Clark bought Scott Paper Company, a competitor with a list of innovative products including the manufacture and marketing of toilet paper and paper towels. This acquisition led to merging of the technologies of the two companies. More recently, the company has focused on the development of health-care products including several surgical and medical materials that help reduce instrument contamination and promote surgical sterility.

Kimberly-Clark has several community giving initiatives that focus on children, health care, education and families. The K-C Foundation provides donations and grants to communities in which it operates or where its employees volunteer. Other programs include donations to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and UNICEF. It operates a scholarship fund for college-bound children of its employees. The Depend Campaign to End Prostate Cancer donates proceeds from sales of its product to fund patient education and screening, and support research for a cure.

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