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Charmin is a company that was started by the Hoberg Paper Company in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1928. The Hoberg Paper Company underwent a name change and became Charmin Paper Company. During the companies production process they made paper napkins, toilet paper, and various household paper products. In 1957 the company name changed to Charmin Paper Company when it was acquired by Procted & Gamble. The manufacturing of marketing of paper products continued. The product rights to market and create the paper products were sold in Europe in 2008 as Cushelle.

Charmin is known for producing quality bath tissue. Their most popular campaigns include cute bears and red, blue, or purple and white packaging. The paper products come in regular rolls of toilet paper, double rolls, mega rolls, and adult flushable wipes.

Charmin is a name brand toilet paper that has consistent quality in each roll. Charmin brand products can be purchased in drug stores, grocery stores, and in large retain chain stores throughout North America.

Purchasing name brand paper products is a priority for many people. People enjoy the consistency of paper products that are soft, absorbent, and work well. Coupons are a great way to save on the cost of Charmin. Using coupons in combination with sales can easily bring the price down considerably.

Get Promotional Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Codes for Charmin

Obtain the coupons in the Sunday newspaper. Each week the coupon circulars are different. Proctor and Gamble products do offer coupons for Charmin toilet paper but not each week. Coupons can also be found by purchasing them online from coupon clipping websites. These are services that charge for their time to clip out the coupon. The coupon itself does not hold a technical cash value. It is common for ordered coupons to cost anywhere from five cents to twenty five cents apiece. Some companies have a minimum amount of coupons that must be purchased with one order. The shipping cost is usually very inexpensive and fast. Many coupons can be ordered and received before a specific store sale ends.

There may be local coupon swapping clubs that have extra coupons to trade. Online auctions also routinely have private individuals that have coupons for sale. Try to purchase multiples of coupons when buying online.

There are many stores that do double coupons. Examples of these stores are Kroger and Publix. Contact local super markets to ask if they double or triple the face value of the coupon. Many stores double coupons up to fifty cents, other stores double or triple the coupon up to one dollar.

Watch store sales to find the best deal. The best deal is dependent on the cost per roll. The smallest pack or Charmin may hold the best value. This is usually only true when the store has the Charmin toilet paper on a special sale. For example if the pack of four rolls of toilet paper is on sale $2.29 and there is a fifty cents off coupon do not purchase the largest pack available. If the package of toilet paper is purchased with a store that doubles coupons the final price will be $1.29.

The special sales price will not always be available. Sometimes it is wise to buy larger packages when the cost per roll is low. Every few months discount stores like Target, Lowes, or Wal Mart have sales on larger packages of toilet paper. Figure out the cost per roll. If the cost per roll is low combine it with coupons to receive the best price. Use these tips when shopping for Charmin paper products.

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