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The LA Fitness company operates two hundred or more workout gyms Around the USA and Canada. The company began with the partnership of three men, Jeremy Taylor, Fred Turock, and David Turner pooled resources to take over and manage several failing exercise clubs. Since 1984 when the company began, it saw tremendous growth by continuing to buy exercise ventures that were failing. The Irvine based California startup would then convert the failed businesses into LA Fitness branches. This model innovative approach to business propelled LA Fitness to rapid success in the health and fitness market. LA Fitness began to build new facilities beginning in 1995 when it developed a standard set of drawings that every one of its new locations would look like. LA Fitness has promoted customer friendly, modern, well-equipped places to work out as it continues to expand into new regions and countries.

The success of LA Fitness was demonstrated by the IPO they made in 1999. For a number of years the company was on major exchanges, but soon began to require more control over its operations, returning to private ownership. This move proved to be one that enabled LA Fitness to focus on the value of its brand and its commitment to its clients and to the fitness and business principles that made it such a success. The private ownership took the shape of MidOcean Partners, a collection of investors interested in promoting physical wellbeing. LA Fitness has since expanded further, by either opening entirely new clubs or by absorbing unprofitable fitness businesses, remaking them into its operation format. LA Fitness has also grown through the acquisition of successful health clubs since that time. LA Fitness is now a multi-national conglomerate with more than eighty locations open in the UK alone.

Basketball, free weights, racquetball, miscellaneous gear, and aerobics machines, are all commonly available at LA Fitness stores. The goal is to have the most modern equipment and facilities so customers can train themselves and be trained with the most flexibility. LA Fitness also has personal training services and exercise classes available to promote wellness and a sense of community. One thing that’s nice about LA Fitness is that you are allowed to join classes that you think you might be interested as often as you like. For customers with children, child care is available so that fitness does not have to be substituted with parenting. LA Fitness locations regularly promote league play, a unique opportunity for customers to meet new people and explore new ways to build their strength and agility. It really doesn’t matter what your current condition is or what you would like your body to look like: LA Fitness has the equipment, training, and service to make sure you can reach your goals so that customers adhere to a fitness program that becomes part of their lifestyle.

LA Fitness Savings, Find Coupon Codes and Discounts

LA Fitness coupons are often available directly from the LA Fitness Web site. Most of the time, the coupons provide for trial memberships or free passes so potential customers can get a feel of the LA Fitness brand and decide if it’s right for them. Third party coupon and promotion sites also have LA Fitness coupons. Local newspapers and LA Fitness locations also are good places to check for promotional deals and coupons.

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