Accu Chek Test Strip Coupons


History of Accu-Chek

Accu-Chek is a company specializing in diabetes care management. Its parent company is Roche Diagnostics, which has its American base of operations located in Indianapolis, Indiana, although there are facilities in five other states and in Puerto Rico. Roche Diagnostics is an international corporation that makes a variety of diagnostic testing devices and technologies for many different conditions, including hepatitis, pregnancy, HIV, and heart failure.

The company was founded in Switzerland in 1896 as F. Hoffman-La Roche &Co., and expanded operations to the United States nine years later. In the years since, the corporation has established several other branches, including Bio-Dynamics, founded in 1964. The corporation has also acquired many other companies in its long history, including Hycel of Houston, Texas, Microgenics Corporation of Concord California, and Amira Medical, a national diabetes care management company. Accu-Chek, originally marketed as Reflolux, came into being with the first patient blood glucose monitoring system in 1982.


Accu-Chek is known for their blood glucose meter systems and insulin pumps for diabetics. In general Accu-Chek has a reputation for creating products that diabetics can use to improve their quality of life and help them manage their disease with as little inconvenience as possible. Accu-Chek helps diabetics in this way by offering two different blood glucose test systems, the Compact Plus system and the Aviva system. People can choose which system to use depending on what their lifestyles demand.

The Compact Plus system is preferred by people with arthritis, and it comes with a drum of pre-loaded test strips which makes regular blood glucose testing more convenient. This meter also doesn’t require coding in order to be accurately read. The Aviva blood glucose monitoring system has its advantages as well. This system provides blood glucose level readings in five seconds and uses a technology for drawing blood that is less painful for the diabetes patient than other methods. In addition to these systems, Accu-Chek offers diabetes patients data management tools that will help give them a broader picture of their health as it relates to their diabetes diagnosis.

Coupon Codes and Discounts on Accu-Chek Test Strips

In order to use a blood glucose monitor, diabetics need access to test strips, which can be expensive since oftentimes several are used in a single day. Coupons for Accu-Chek diabetes test strips are a bit hard to find, but many websites have coupons for these test strips. The average savings from this coupon is $4.46. There are also coupons that offer five percent savings on all orders over fifty dollars, which offers an average savings of $4.00.

Other sites offer coupons, as an example a box of fifty test strips, which normally costs $54.17, is available for $30.85, which results in a forty-three percent savings. These coupons are to be used for online shopping only, since once you click on the coupon you are taken to the store website where you are able to get the savings. To access some coupons you are given a code to input during check out after you have selected your items.

You can also get a printable discount card for Accu-Chek diabetes test strips. This card can be taken to your local pharmacy so you can save on your diabetic testing needs. This discount card is offered through Roche Diagnostics’ own patient assistance program.

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