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Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Winston Cigarettes

It’s easy to get coupons and discounts for Winston cigarettes. You can receive coupons through the mail by contacting the company directly or from sites online.

By Mail

Simply call RJ Reynolds and request to be placed on their newsletter mailing list for Winston cigarettes. This allows you to also receive discount coupons and promotional information.

Keep in mind that you may be asked to verify a couple of personal pieces of information. This may include being over 21 years old and that you really smoke. You might also get a legal document asking for your signature and a photo copy of your current driver’s license. This simply confirms your identity and that you are an adult, responsible for making your own decision to smoke.

Here is the contact information for Winston cigarettes coupons and the manufacturer RJ Reynolds:

  • Winston Cigarettes – 1-800-862-2226.
  • RJ Reynolds Cigarettes Consumer Assistance 1- 800-372-9300
  • Mail a letter to Consumer Affairs at R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company, Consumer Relations Department, P.O. Box 7, Winston-Salem, NC 27102.

Online Sources

Winston cigarette coupons are available through several online sources as well as from the parent company, RJ Reynolds directly. has online coupons that give you $1.00 off per carton, for up to five cartons, and have competitive prices.

You can use their coupons for a variety of Winston cigarettes including:

  • 100 Gold Soft Pack
  • Full Flavor
  • Lights
  • S-2 Blend
  • Select
  • Select Lights
  • Ultra Lights
  • King Size
  • Lights King Size
  • Super Light King Size

How Did Winston Cigarettes Get So Popular?

Have you heard the famous magazine and television slogan, “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” ? This slogan led Winston cigarettes the most popular cigarette for eight years, starting in 1966 all the way to 1972. It entered the United States market twelve years earlier in 1954 by the RJ Reynolds company. In 2005, a nationwide survey in the United States showed Winston as the sixth in the market, even with Kool’s ranking.

Why Is Winston Special?

More recently, RJ Reynolds advertised Winston as “additive free”, yet had a secondary legal warning label in their ads saying “no additives in our tobacco does Not mean a safer cigarette” required by a FTC legal settlement.

Also, the “Winston” name is tied to the town, Winston-Salem, North Carolina where RJ Reynolds started his tobacco business.

Who Created Winston Cigarettes?

In 1874, RJ Reynolds started his tobacco business, after selling the shares he owned from his father’s business. He moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina that had the closest railroad link.

RJ Reynolds purchased his initial factory from a local Moravian Church and began his “little red factory” using only seasonal employees. It yielded 150,000 pounds of tobacco within the first year. Throughout the 1890s, the yearly tobacco output increased to several million pounds.

RJ Reynolds imported such a huge amount of French cigarette paper that the United States government declared Winston-Salem as an official “port of entry” despite the fact that the city was 200 miles from the harbor.

During the 1980s, nearly 100 years after the company began, Winston cigarettes were number one in popularity in Puerto Rico. Many believe it was because of their marketing slogan which said, “Winston and Puerto Rico: There is nothing better.”

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    My reply is I like my winston cigarette and I don’t care if they do go out at least it keeps you fromburning up stuff ans you can always relight it back up they have the best flavor they don’t burn when you inheal then I really really like them and would Love to have some Stoere Coupons for when I go to the store and buy my next carton
    Thank You Kindly

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    I would like to receive winston coupons either by e-mail or regular mail. My address is 2362 Kay Ave, Trevose Pa 19053

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    i love my winston cigs i have been smoking them since 1985 when i turned 18. and the problem of them going out once in awhile is no big deal to me either. the flovor and smoothnest out way that by far. please send me some coupons for my favorite winston cigs so i can keep enjoying the best cigs ever. oh ya iv never have had a cig couch until i tried a few other brands and went right back to my winstons. keep up the good work

  5. Sharon Cain April 14, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    Where the hell is the coupons that I used to get through thr mail? I have since switched to Marlburo Special Blend,lights, because Marlburo sends me coupons on a regular basis, and they are also cheaper.With the economy the way it is now,I must watch my budget very close. Here is my address if you want me to smoke Winston Light 100’s again. Sharon Cain 317 Ohio Street Quincy,IL 62301

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    I do not smoke any other cigarette besides winston. I used to smoke winston select,but,they do not sell them in our town anymore. I would love to have winston cigarettes send me some coupons for the regular full flavor 100’s cigaretts by mail. my address is-wanda Lepley-671 shelly Road-Decherd,TN 37324. You used to send them to me all the time. what happened. And do you put glue in the cigaretts? If so, yes they go out easy, but is this or any other glue safe or safer to humans? If you want to know why they don’t come down hard on alcohol i’ll tell you if you want to know. may get mad, or not believe me, but,it’s the gospel truth. sincerely;wanda Lepley

  7. Adeline V. Tackett February 1, 2012 at 8:37 am #

    Please send me some Winston reg coupons. I have smoked Winston for 40 yrs. Its hard to smoke another kind. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks So Much: 58 Songbird Lane Waverly Oh. 45690

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    Can i get back on your mailing list for your coupons for winston red

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    We are trying to find coupons for Winston Ultra Lights. Any HELP would be gratefully..
    Email form or regular Mail..

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    an I please get back on your mailing list for the Winston Red coupons? The cigarettes cost a fortune these days, and the coupons help a great deal. Thank you.

    Kelly Dyer
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    Hi!!! Mr. Reynolds!! Im faith!!! And I’m Already On The Mailing List, But I Need To Change My Address: To Faith Harrison 100 Smith St. Quinton,Alabama 35130…. Thanks!!!!

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    I’m writing because my aunt only buys your cigarettes and spends alot of money for an elderly person a month, could you please send me some coupons to help her out with the price of these cigarettes since they are over $80 a carton. Thank you so much in advance as she buys four at a time.

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    I was previously on your mailing list for coupons, but had moved from a residence I had lived for over 30 years under the last name of Inovskis & wish to get on your mailing list again. Please send coupons to Rev Rotunda, 10908 S. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, IL. 60655. Thank You!

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    I’m of legal age. Thank you

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    Does anyone know if Winston has it’s own web site for requesting coupons and/or participating in on-line contests like most of the other major cigarette makers, like Marlboro, Camel, L&M, etc…? Please provide their ACTUAL web site address so that I can sign-up on their site. Thank you!

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