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History of Gillette

The Gillette company is cutting through the competition. The business, based in Boston, was founded by King Camp Gillette in 1895, and the safety shaving razor was patented in 1904. Gillette started simply as a manufacturer of disposable shaving razors, but now boasts battery-operated, five-blade shaving razors amongst its products. It also sells shaving cream/gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, body wash and deodorant.

The United States government, during World War I, ordered 36 million blades for the troops overseas. After a lawsuit and a corporate shakeup, Joseph P. Spang Jr. took charge in 1938 and instituted a policy of advertising in sports, which still goes on to this day. The first venture in this was radio time during the 1939 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds. The advertising worked, as it quadrupled the projected sales.

After World War II, the company branched out to sell shaving cream, and it purchased companies that sold products for the home and ball-point pens. It purchased Oral-B Laboratories, Inc. in the 1980s and another pen company in 1993, which made Gillette the biggest writing utensil company in the world.

Innovative Products

Gillette produced the inaugural two-blade shaving razor, the Trac II, in 1971. The Mach 3 razor, the first with three blades, appeared in 1998, and the Gillette Fusion debuted in 2006 as the world’s first five-blade shaving product. In October, 2005, the Proctor and Gamble company purchased Gillette.

The company ships its products to approximately 200 countries and areas, and has 64 production plants in 27 countries.

A Well-Known Brand

Gillette is popular for its slogan, “The best a man can get,” and for its commercials that feature some of the sports world’s biggest stars, including Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Matt Ryan, Roger Federer and John Cena, amongst others. The home of the NFL’s New England Patriots in Foxborough, Massachusetts, is named Gillette Stadium.

The company’s Web site,, says that 600 million men shave with Gillette products. The Web page’s target audience is young males, with music, syling videos, and tips on how to body shave and groom. Also in an attempt to cater to the male demographic, Gillette has been running a commercial promoting its new Fusion Power Gamer model razor by using NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, Denny Hamlin, Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman.

Find Discount Codes and Printable Coupons for Gillette Razor Blades

The “promotions” tab on Gillette’s Web site doesn’t offer any promotions or coupons, just an interactive guide detailing different aspects of the razor blades, like the comfort guard, indicator strip and the blades themselves.

A few Web sites have offers for discounted Gillette razors. A consumer can simply put in his or her name and e-mail address, and print coupons on the home computer. Be wary that not all stores accept printed and/or Internet coupons.

Sometimes at the check-out line, a $1 off coupon will print with the purchase of a pack of Gillette razors/cartridges, good for the next purchase; and often inside a pack of the razors/cartridges, there will be a coupon.

In the Sunday newspaper inserts, especially in grocery store and drug store advertisements, coupons can often be found.

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