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History of Dress Barn

Dress Barn has its founding roots in Stamford, Connecticut. Founded by Rosyln Jaffe, Dress Barn started serving the public in 1962. The store offered fashionable women’s clothing. The store’s designer styles were a hit with customers, and the demand prompted the opening of the second store only one year later. The company has continued to grow over the decades. In 1983, Dress Barn stock became available through the NASDAQ Exchange. Dress Barn has expanded and now offers clothing under their private label. The store continues to be a popular store for women’s clothing. The store prides itself on offering fashionable, stylish clothes at exception quality and at economical prices.

Dress Barn is known for its exceptional customer service. It is also known for carrying high-quality designer clothing that will compliment and enhance any woman’s lifestyle. The mission of the company is to supply the style of clothes that women are looking for at the price that fits their budget. Dress Barn is known for carrying a variety of clothing sizes for all figure types. The company’s clothing line and friendly customer service always puts the customer first.

The company has grown considerably since its original 1962 start in Stamford, Connecticut. The company proudly possesses over eight hundred stores nationwide. So, the loyal Dress Barn customer does not have to travel far to find a Dress Barn to patronize. Each store is dedicated to offering great looking clothes for both work and play.

Patrons to Dress Barn will be able to take advantage of even better deals during storewide sales. Dress Barn recognizes holidays with their customers by having sales on clothing during the various holidays throughout the year. Dress Barn offers fabulous deals during the end of the season sales.

Ways to Find Coupon Codes, Special Deals, and Promotional Discounts for Dress Barn

Although Dress Barn offers clothing at exceptional prices, every shopper loves to find a great deal. One way to get a deal is by using store coupons or by taking advantage of store promotions. The coupons and promotions will offer the consumer a variety of incentives for patronizing Dress Barn. The customer may receive a percentage off on merchandise of their choice, or Dress Barn may sponsor promotions that offer free merchandise with a specified purchase. Coupons often offer 25% off or more on merchandise. Promotions that are offering free merchandise often offer scarves, belts, or other accessories as the promotional gift. Any of these great products will help the consumer to make that next shopping venture a satisfying and successful trip. No matter what the discount or promotion, the consumer is sure to get a great incentive to accompany the already exceptionally priced merchandise.

To take advantage of these offers, the consumer needs to become a part of a mailing list. Coupons and special offers will be sent to the customer via email or by USPS mail. Another way to obtain and to take advantage of these deals is by acquiring a membership with a discount club. The clubs will also advise the consumer of promotions and coupons via email and by household mailings.

Consumers will also want to take advantage of in-store promotions that are offered at Dress Barn locations. The best way for a consumer to be a part of this type of promotion is by physically visiting the local Dress Barn.

Dress Barn offers exceptional clothing at great prices. The company’s mission is to offer stylish clothing and superb customer service. The stores offer a variety of clothing styles in a vast range of sizes. Consumers are sure to find the clothing that compliment their taste and lifestyle. Although the clothes are already priced at a competitive price, consumers can make their shopping dollar stretch even further by acquiring discount coupons and other promotional offers for Dress Barn.

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