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What is the Gap?

Gap is a clothing company founded in 1969, with the goal of providing pants. At the time, there was only one clothing store, but certain sizes were unavailable. The owners, Doris and Don Fisher, decided to open their own store that would provide virtually and size and fit.

They are known for their pants, whether they are jeans, khakis, or anything in between. Soon after their became a success, they leaped into other sections of fashion; shirts, shorts, jackets, vests, scarves. Anything one wanted to wear, they would provide it. They have open different Gap stores, which focus on different groups; for example, Baby Gap focuses on children, whether it be hats, gloves, or mittens. A few years ago, they also started selling shoes within their stores, claiming that is part of the new American style.

They have many locations, one of the most famous being located in Los Angeles, on S. Robertson Blvd. This is one of their original stores, and they have various sales in that store in particular. Usually Gap promotes through cards sent to surround neighborhoods, and these cards vary from 10% to 30% discounts.

Another important discount method Gap has is through their GapCard system. This card can be used in Gap or other related companies, which include Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, and Athleta. The basics for this card is whenever someone uses that card in one of those five stores, they get 5 points for every dollar they spend. After every thousand points, the user is issued a $10 dollar off coupon, which they can use at any of those five stores. If one were to use the card at other locations, as long as Visa was accepted, then they would receive one point per dollar towards the thousand point goal.

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As for seasonal discounts or coupons, they have a lot of in store discounts, and if one were to sign up or live near a store, then they would receive coupons and discounts through the mail. Another viable option for those who do not live close enough to warrant mailable coupons would be to sign up online and shop from there. Gap has many online offers, like 15% for online shoppers only, on specific days. They usually e-mail customers a few days before the sale, and from there advertise all different styles on sale.

Related to sales, their websites all have ‘sales’ tabs, where select styles are placed on sale, either because there is a huge order of them sitting in the warehouse, or because they want to move out older inventory to make space for a newer season. Even though they want to move it, the styles are usually very similar, meaning that customers would not be too far behind in the fashion loop.

Related to these stores are the outlet stores. Gap and Banana Republic have outlet stores, meaning that they sell clothing very similar to the ones offered in the regular store, only with slight modifications. Another addition in that store are previous season’s clothing lines. These include popular articles, or some that the simply over produced. Recently, at a Gap Outlet store, I discovered a very nice pair of pants that looked so similar to the current season’s line, at 40% off! Needless to say, I purchased it right away, knowing that even though the pocket linings were not the same, they were so similar that it would not have mattered. And at 40% off, that is better than waiting for a coupon in the mail!

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